Why SEO is Important? Benefits and Key Points to Rank Better 

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SEO is built on many different elements. Why SEO is Important and knowing what they are is essential for every webmaster.

This article will be a guide for you all describing the importance of SEO and its various benefits.

Do you wonder what SEO even means?

SEO stands for search engine optimization, a process of optimizing your online content so that Search Engines show you on top ranking.

Eg: When somebody searches a Keyword “Digital Marketing Company in Coimbatore” in Google and if your blog post is all about digital marketing. Your blog will be shown on the result pages.

Why SEO is Important

SEO is the magic tool to make Google display your blog on top of tons of other articles. This article will keep you stressing on one point that the online industry thrives just through the clicks that we make.

Therefore everybody fights to catch the first page on search results because 67% of clicks are made only on Google’s first search result page. Walkthrough this article carefully to know more about tips and tricks to show yourself on top ranking.

1. How does SEO Influence Your Business?

In today’s world, everybody’s fingers are all-time playing with keys be it mobile phones or Laptops. Browsing the Internet is cheaper nowadays, people are fond of searching for everything on the internet.

Around 2.2 million people search for a day only through Google Search Engine. Just think about other Search Engines.

Therefore, showing up on the Google front page makes the difference ultimately helping your business thrive in the market.

For this, you should know first how the search engine works.

Search Engines (SE) are digital libraries that store everything in the digital form instead of hard copies. When you query through SE, it looks through all the pages and brings back the relevant results.

What is a Search Engine? by Raj Softech

These search engines mainly work on algorithms that depend on various other factors. That includes query words, relevance and page usability, source expertise, and your location and settings.

Also, the weightage applied to each factor varies depending on your query nature, the freshness of the content, etc. An interesting fact is that as a business owner you can leverage SEO to drive more traffic, leads, and sales.

This ultimately brings your business more revenue and turns into a profitable one.

2. What is Local SEO?

Even though as a business owner you have worked so much on the quality of the product, customer service, etc. Also, you could have spent countless dollars on marketing, creating your brand awareness.

However, did you think of how your competitors drive more traffic than yours and generate more income? The answer is very simple than it seems to be.

It is just that they rank higher when it comes to Local SEO. As there is a shift in online searches and consumer behavior, consumer shopping preferences have been changed.

Local SEO (Local Search Engine Optimization) is a magnificent way to market your business online. Because it helps in the instant promotion of your products and services to potential customers found nearby.

So, it’s essential to have your local SEO set up to drive more traffic to your business. If you think only an SEO setup is sufficient for your company Google can’t help in bringing more local customers.

Google’s algorithm works by satisfying potential customers searching with “Local Intent”. So, as you can see, Google prioritizes only local search results first.

It’s very essential to set up both types of SEO strategies for your business to get more web traffic.

3. 7 Key Benefits of SEO for Small Businesses

As I stated earlier, try making your blog or post rank on the first page of Search organic listings. Then automatically the number of clicks will increase which ultimately brings more potential customers.

At least many people will get to see your products/blog repeatedly whenever they search for them. And there are more key benefits of SEO that I have listed down.

3.1. User-Friendly Websites

SEO’s prime target is small business owners that help in creating faster and more user-friendly websites. SEO has twin jobs which include optimization for the search engines as well as improving user experience too.

Always well-organized, clean websites force even window shoppers to buy something or at least to hang on. Thereby, it drastically helps in increasing the page views.

Also, highly relevant content drives more sales, and healthier customer interaction ultimately keeps the readers happy. On-page SEO plays a vital role in making a higher conversion and serving high-quality information to the searchers.

3.2. Build Brand Awareness

Building brand awareness is one of the key benefits when you rank higher in SERPs. Trust is an ever-powerful word as always, because of which every business is running behind to build that.

As you know in today’s world people trust in buying only branded items. Hence, to make your brand a trusted one it is very important to have a top place in any search engine.

Trust automatically help in creating brand awareness and therefore more sales. Remember we are not in the ’90s anymore, Search Engine plays a significant role in making or breaking your business.

3.3. Better Conversion Rates

Generally, SEO-defined websites are the trustable one that loads faster, user-friendly, and are device compatible too. Hence, those websites will be developed with the utmost care to ensure the user’s easiness to hover around.

Ultimately, it grabs and holds the user’s attention and paves the way for a higher conversion rate.

SEO optimized sites help in attracting more loyal customers, transformation into subscribers, and returning visitors.

So, maintaining a good ranking in SERP alone ensure customers’ long-term relationship. If you slip in maintaining your ranking you will be dumped down among millions of similar business people.

3.4. Bypass Competition

Surviving for the long term in today’s competitive market world is quite challenging for all business types. For that, as a business owner along with an organizational plan put some effort into identifying new trending marketing strategies.

These strategies include search engine optimization which helps you to overtake your competitors in no time. For example, you run a bakery having an optimized website not so famous and another famous bakery with a non-optimized website.

Both have the same business nature but a bakery with a well-established marketing strategy in place wins the game. This means SEO is more powerful than, one with an optimized website that attracts customers more from local searches.

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Your company will likely grow faster and more successful only if you adapt well to the technological changes.

3.5. Global Market Reach

One of the major SEO benefits is making your business product and/or service a global market reach. When users try to search related to your niche domain, they are actively looking for leads.

Register your keyword-rich domain names with Raj Softech Solutions today.

In that way, SEO brings high-quality traffic to your site to be the user from any country. SEO is very customer-centric in that it targets only targetted audiences to your website.

People who use local traditional marketing methods like TV, Radio, and newspapers can drive only a limited audience. Having in mind that Google alone handles 63,000M searches per day worldwide.

Your product can reach globally if you show up #1 organic search listing page.

3.6. Budget-Friendly Websites

The search engine journal points out that inbound leads can lower the lead generation cost by 61% versus outbound leads. SEO lowers the advertising cost when compared to both traditional as well as other digital marketing methods.

SEO proves to be an effective budget-friendly advertising method. This means when you rank top in SEO first page results then there is no need for PPC or page advertisement.

For example, if you go for TV ads, in Tier 1 channels, you need to Rs. 1,00,000 INR that lasts for 1 minute. This is very high but when we rank #1 in SEO we get more visitors comparatively at a cheaper cost.

4. How to Find the Right SEO Company?

So far you would have got some knowledge based on SEO and its amazing benefits for any business. I have listed below a few tips to find out the right and trustable SEO company.

4.1. Glimpse Company’s Specialities And Services

When you go through their website you will get an idea about their background. Find out what the SEO company is specialized in and whether they have backed up any awards or rewards.

4.2. Check References And Reviews

It’s very important to look back at the companies’ records most importantly their reviews. It’s very essential to check in any digital portfolio, and social media for reviews to avoid last-minute surprises.

Spend some time having a conversation with their previous clients to collect clear reviews.

4.3. Screen their Portfolio And Case Studies

Before you hire an SEO company you should look into their portfolio and case studies. By doing so, you get a visual and concrete picture of the real-time SEO service that you can expect from them.

By analyzing their sample work, you will know how they integrate services like pay-per-click and social media with SEO.

4.4. Research The Team And The Company’s Ethics

Researching the team and their ethics are important factors to be considered before choosing an SEO company. If the front-line employees are good at ethics and integrity you will be more inclined to work with them.

4.5. Follow Them On Social Media And Read Their Blog

Spend your quality time following them on social media so that you will get to know them more. By reading their posts you will get to know their knowledge level, priorities, way of approach, etc.

Try to subscribe to the SEO company’s email newsletter as well to get to know their updates instantly.

4.6. Ask About Their Fees And Contracts

Enquire about their Fees and contracts before engaging in partnership with them. Research whether all your services will cover under their estimated amount.

Try to invest in an SEO company that gives a very personalized service at a competitive, budget-friendly rate.

4.7. Schedule A Consultation

Before signing up for any deal with the SEO company is advisable to schedule a meetup. Choose one who is more attentive in listening to your goals and objectives.

Some companies might offer a free website audit of all the above SEO before taking up the deal.

If you are looking for the best SEO company with all these qualities in the market. Raj Softech Solutions are the best SEO company that offers a professional, trustworthy, future-proof service.

We are the best in giving the best SEO services like image search optimization, local search optimization, video search, etc. Our other specialized services include

  1. Keyword Analysis and Strategy
  2. Website Architecture Organization
  3. Website Code Optimization
  4. On-Page SEO Audit
  5. Content Strategy and Optimization
  6. Infographic Creation
  7. Finding a fix for common digital marketing problems

Hence, we not only increase your business credibility, bypass competitors, and promise you a better ROI in your marketing arena.


By now you would have realized that it’s easy to build a good quality product or service. But it’s of no use if you don’t market your products to the right audience.

To survive in this competitive market and bring back more ROI, contact Raj Softech Solutions to get professional SEO services. Hence, start working with us to get a few basic site hygiene measures in place for a higher conversion rate.

For any other queries, you can connect us through our Whatsapp (or) inquiry form on our contact page.


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