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Logo designing is a very essential part of branding for any online business. It is your identity in this vast online market where you can hold a distinct place. The logo reflects your business model and gives you recognition for your business. A beautifully designed logo will help you improve your brand value and viral marketing strategy. 

If you are planning to start a website for your business then Logo is the first thing we think of. Logo can be a combination of Visual Images and Text which symbolizes your business. It has a powerful symbolic association connected to people’s memory. Because many of us can remember the logo well rather than its brand name Eg: MacDonalds

A well designed professional logo builds trust, readable and memorable, simple fonts, colors, versatile, trendy, etc. Do you wonder how to get it designed? well, it can be made online though, cheaper option. Approaching a small graphic designer agency rather than a DIY or Large company will save you thousands. Also, you can receive the same service with the best quality on good deals along with add-on personal services.

In that case, we Raj Softech Solutions are supreme masters in logo designing along with few other services in the market. Our Graphical Designers are not only the best at logo designing but we offer a one-stop-digital solution for your business needs.

We also design Brochures, Letter Heads, Envelopes, Name Boards, Business Cards suitable if required by our clients.

Logo Design Works

Professional Logo Designing

Every online business needs the branding to survive in this competitive market and for branding, LOGO is very essential. A perfectly designed logo speaks much about your business without any marketing. It also helps you to increase your brand value among your competitors and makes you stay one step ahead. The logo really speaks about branding. One's uniqueness is shown by the LOGO.

Hence, we have a specialized team of designers who are highly skilled and knowledgeable enough to provide you with the best-designed logo. We do keen research about the market, learn about targeted audience and design a suitable logo accordingly.

We always design in a way that speaks itself.

More Than Logo Designing

We not only create a great logo for your business but we also engaged in other graphic designs. The designs include

  • Brouchers
  • Pamphlets
  • Business Cards
  • Envelopes
  • Name Boards

Raj Softech Solutions is your one-stop platform for all your custom business design services. Our dedicated designers devote their valuable time and skill to develop a great branding for your business.

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Why Choose Raj Softech Solutions to Design Logos?

Any business starter should have known the viral branding strategy which is nothing but a perfectly designed logo. In simple terms, it serves a success mantra for every business and band. Here are a few points below that help you enlighten how a logo can contribute to business branding. A professionally well-designed logo:-

  1. Have the power of attracting potential customers and communicate a company’s core values in an interesting way
  2. Creates the first impression and serves as the foundation for the entire story on which the brand is built
  3. Can demonstrate from the company’s background to their mission dealing through a professional, innovative, fun way
  4. Creates customers trust followed by brand loyalty, so the logo is something people search often at their first look
  5. If you don’t have a one tailored for you, then you miss the opportunity to stand out of your competitors

To meet all these needs, Raj Softech has created a feature-rich design suite devoted to building your logo and brand. Our logo maker and branding toolkit can help you create a powerful visual image that speaks about your companies quality.

Few points which we target that eventually helps in creating a unique brand identity for your business:

  • Research your audience, value proposition, and competition
  • Logo and a template design for it
  • Integrate language you use, advertise on social media
  • Well aware of what to avoid
  • Monitor your brand to maintain its identity.

Why We Are the Best in Logo Design?

Raj Softech Solutions, an established logo design agency based in Coimbatore serving for the past 5+ years. We work with the motto to empower your brand identity, communicate your objectives, and connect people with a common vision. Our top-notch designers who are highly focused on UI/UX, web design, brand identity, iconography, and brand illustrations. We keep up pride that since the beginning we understand the essence of client’s needs and deliver the best services. When it comes to logo design, we make sure it is not just the image but a visual treat. With the mix of designers’ creativity, innovation, flair, vision, and functionality we create one which perfectly reflects your brand.

Why Should Raj Softech Solutions your Creative Partner For Custom Logo Design Services?

The logo is a lifetime asset to your brand, we design it so effective that it stands tall beyond time. Our unique simple 8-step approach in Logo designing:

  • Analysis
  • Plan
  • Design
  • Develop
  • Responsive
  • Crossbrowser
  • Launch
  • Final test

Our style of handling the Logo designing service:

  • We do thorough industry research, target market trends to ensure outstanding results
  • With highly experienced designers serve with exceptional creativity, creating an original logo which can stand for decades
  • We can make your business a grand success at affordable deals.
  • Working with us is more than just designing but building a long-lasting relationship with every customer

With loads of experience, join hands with us to create success stories together.

Types of Logo We Design

As you know a logo is a combination of typography and images, each gives your brand a different feel. It’s worth taking time to analyze as each logo has its advantages. Want to choose the best fit for your business? Here are the few types of logos you need to know about:

Abstract (geometric) Logo

Abstract logos are a geometric representation form of a logo that represents your business. As its an emotional representation it evokes customer feelings more than a thought.

Example: Nike Swoosh, conveys a sense of movement and energy is another form of Abstract logo. Abstract logos help in creating something very unique, differentiating others in the market.

Some of the famous brands which represent this abstract symbol are:

  1. Bp- Starburst
  2. Pepsi
  3. Adidas
  4. Airbnb,
  5. Microsoft (Windows)

Letter Mark Logo

Monogram logos are typography-based logos which consist of letters, usually brand initials. Each business name with 2-3 words turned out to be using their initials for brand identification.

This letter-mark represents simplicity with few letters effectively streamlining any company brand having long names. As they focus only on initials, choose appropriate fonts because it should be legible enough when printed on business cards.

Some of the brands which use Letter mark logo are:

  1. IKEA
  2. CNN
  3. FedEx
  4. IBM
  5. NASA

Word Mark Logo

Word Mark logo similar to a letter mark logo, is a font-based logo that focuses on a business’s name alone. Eg: Google is the best example of this logotype which is catchy and memorable and easy to recognize.

This Logo design along with the best font selection indicates the essence of the business that you do. You can choose this logotype if your business name is very distinct that sticks easily in customer’s minds.

Both Word Mark and Letter Mark logos are the best adaptable branding options for any new business and growing business. Example of a few brands that use this are:

  1. Think Visa
  2. Coca-cola
  3. Subway
  4. Uber
  5. Camelback

Emblematic Logo

An emblematic logo is a traditional logotype which includes text inside a symbol. You can use this logo for brands that want to convey a sense of tradition or longevity.

This type of logos is often chosen by any government agency or organization. They often look more detailed that includes fine linework, small, and detailed imagery.

Some of the brands which use these logos are:

  1. Starbucks
  2. Hardley Davidson
  3. Stella Artois
  4. Superman
  5. NFL

Pictorial (Iconic) Logo

Pictorial Logo otherwise named as brand marks made up of a graphic symbol or icon, that represents a real-world object. The image will represent the specific service you offer also conveys a clear message to the audience on the same.

Clear cut example of this type is the youtube play button- this symbol itself can represent what your company does. Due to its design simplicity, it can be easily resized across any branding materials like business cards or letterheads.

Some of the brands which use this logo are:

  1. The Rolling Stones
  2. Apple
  3. Twitter
  4. Target

Illustrative (Mascots) Logo

Mascots are a type of illustrative logotype which has human beings affixed in the form of a logo. This can be approachable to family, children, and is used as a great tool for marketing.

Using this logo your brand can thrive more being fun and friendly cant be taken as a serious vibe. Being more colorful and cartoonish, who can deny taking a selfie with Mr. Pillsbury which represents this logotype.

This logotype is most commonly used by sports teams, service companies, and food brands, growing companies. Example of brands using this logotype are:

  1. Kool-Aid Man
  2. KFC’s Colonel
  3. Planter’s Mr. Peanut
  4. Pillsbury
  5. Kellogs

Combination Logo

Combination logos are flexible future-proof logotypes created intentionally for adapting your business future changes. They can be a combination of wordmark or lettermark and a pictorial mark, abstract mark, or mascot.

Based on how your brand evolves, you can use both pictures and text as a logo. Think of “Dove” which has both brandmark (the dove) and the word mark (Dove) together.

If you feel you need the support of text with the image to describe what your brand represents choose this. Few brands which use this logotype are

  1. Doritos
  2. Burger King
  3. Lacoste
  4. Taco Bell
  5. Toblerone

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