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Career Path: Job Opportunities at Raj Softech Solutions

We are living in the age of digital technologies where people use the Internet for everything when they wake up from their bed in the morning till going back to their bed in the night. Whether it is paying bills online, buying groceries, buying clothes and accessories, planning a vacation or just about anything, people seek the internet to conduct their business every day.

This enormous growth of the internet has created extraordinary job opportunities in the field of Digital Marketing. Many companies have commenced their operations and expand their business influence in this cyberspace thus increases the demand for various digital marketing jobs which is not limited to the following positions:

Search Engine Optimization Executive

Search Engine Optimization Specialist

Search Engine Optimization Analyst

Online Content Developer

Social Media Marketing Manager

Mobile Marketing Specialist

Business Analytics Specialist

Professional Blogger

Brand Management

Search Expert

Web Designer

Email Marketer

Why Choose Your Career with Raj Softech Solutions?

Raj Softech Solutions was started in the year of 2014 with a great mission of delivering and maintaining the digital assets of every companies and individual. We always recruit qualified people to work in our organization and offer them with a well-structured remuneration always.

If you are a:

Passionate – A person with curiosity and desire to create.

Innovative – A person who thinks out-of-the-box to come up with brand new ideas and unique ways.

Patience – Digital Marketing Results are always a time-consuming process and the person must exercise patience to drive the results.

Goal Setter – The person with an attitude to set a goal and work towards his/her achievement.

Strong Listener – A perfect marketer should listen to the customer and then give the service or product.

Socially Responsible – A person should be able to work with a team and take responsibility for all activities to achieve success.

Intuitive – Must be able to acquire knowledge without reasoning and put into action to deliver the results.


We have our doors always open to the candidates by creating a space where they can explore themselves, innovate things that contribute to this digital environment benefitting both customers and ourselves. If you wish to join our organization, just fill out the below form and our HR team will get in touch with you shortly.

Skills Required:

  • Good Verbal Communication in English and Fluent Speaking.
  • Good Typing Speed without grammatical errors.
  • A piece of basic knowledge on various digital platforms such as WordPress.
  • A familiarity with, and understanding of various digital marketing tools.
  • More than average Social Media skills.
  • Able to recognize and understand the allocated tasks and able to work in the designated job.
  • Able to manage various campaigns and work on all segments simultaneously.
  • A piece of basic knowledge about HTML, PHP, and other software.
  • Knowledge about Branding, Sales, and other technical areas of digital marketing.

Apply for the Following Designations

Content Writer

We always search for new aspirants who have the ability and skills in writing. Are you the one who is searching for the right place to express your talents and prove your guts? Join today in our club as a writer and explore new talents and hunt for a new destination in your career.
Requirements: As aforementioned subject.

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