7 Common Misconceptions About Shared Web Hosting in 2024 

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Landing on the right hosting plan for your website can be confusing. It is usual to have apprehensions when choosing a shared hosting plan. Do you know a few misconceptions about shared web hosting that create trouble?

It is no wonder that a website does wonders for your venture. Your website could be anything from a simple blog to a full-fledged e-commerce portal.

To make your website accessible on the Internet, you will need to host it on a server.

These servers provide your websites with the resources required for downloading, transferring, and uploading your web pages across several devices.

Servers guarantee high performance for websites hosted on their infrastructure. It can be a shared or dedicated service.

  • Shared servers allow multiple websites to be hosted simultaneously and use the resources.
  • Dedicated servers allow a single website to use all the resources exclusively.

If you are hosting your first website, be careful in deciding the right hosting server.

Misconceptions About Shared Web Hosting

A simple website like a blog, business catalog, or a small-scale service provider can work on a shared hosting server.

This server has its share of advantages;

  • The main reason is that you are sharing your server with several other websites.
  • It is budget-friendly and has well-managed backend support without affecting the website owners.

Shared hosting services have some drawbacks often misunderstood to be fatal for websites. It is what has given rise to a lot of myths about shared web hosting.

Know the common shared hosting myths, and learn how we handle these myths.

Misconceptions about Shared Web Hosting

It is natural for anyone to doubt the quality of a product or service if it is offered cheaply. Adding to this is the term “shared,” which is known to involve a compromise between parties. These concerns have birthed a lot of false beliefs about shared web hosting.

Honestly, any shared space, product, or service has concerns. But a lot of cases are due to the sharing members.

Let us take a real-life example.

2 kids are playing with a toy.

Suddenly, a dispute arises, and the kids start shouting at each other. They also yell at their caretaker nearby to help them.

Two cases are possible;

  1. The caretaker intervenes by distracting one kid, soothes both of them, offers them another toy, and ultimately makes both kids happy.
  2. The caretaker does not respond and lets them settle down themselves. The kids get more agitated and start physically assaulting each other.
    Here, the damage occurs as the caretaker takes a delayed response.

From the above case, we can understand that timely interventions, backups, and solutions given by the hosting company make sharing smooth and effective.

— >The same analogy applies to shared hosting services. The rare problems that arise among server-sharing websites need to be handled and brought back on track by the hosting server.

Now, let us bust some common misconceptions about shared web hosting. We will see why that should not bother you when you are with a trusted web hosting service provider.

1. Shared Hosting is not Free Hosting

A lot of shared web hosting service providers offer trials to their clients. It could be offering limited features for free for a period of a month or so.

Website owners can use these offers to analyze and decide which hosting server package will work for them.

It may not give you a full-fledged view when handling high traffic. But you can use their free trials to do basic functionality and your website security checks in a real-time environment.

Some hosting servers offer free hosting packages with minimal features/requirements. Companies provide free web hosting for students.

  • For amateurs stepping into the world of technology without a source of income, such free offers are a boon.

Though the traffic for their minimal resources may be less, they have chances of earning a small source of passive income.

Once they see an income, they will be motivated to go for better shared hosting plans and invest their earnings in the same hosting server’s services.

However, such stories have given rise to one of the weird misconceptions about shared web hosting being a free hosting service!

If you are a business owner, you may want to test the waters to check which server works the best. Remember that while hosting a business website, every visit means money.

A bad experience like slow loading and website downtime for the end user would result in bad reviews/ratings. It will be a showdown for you!

So, trials may not be possible for every website! You must do proper research on the type of shared hosting plan that will suit your website.

How Do We Help?

Raj Softech Solutions is a pioneering web hosting and digital marketing company. We do 1-1 consultations for all your web designing and hosting needs and suggest the best plans that suit your requirements.

2. Shared Hosting Makes Your Website Slow

Slow Website

In this hosting mode, the server’s resources like CPU, RAM, and network bandwidth are shared among many other websites.

When subscribing to this plan, you will get limited resources. These resources help in the smooth loading and functioning of your websites.

Websites tend to get slow due to reasons like;

  1. Your website is getting a sudden spike in traffic.
  2. Another shared website is getting a sudden spike in traffic.
  3. If your server location is far from your visitor’s devices, loading can take time.
  4. New features added to your websites need you to upgrade your resources.

In all these cases, it is not the fault of the shared server. These are areas, where a website owner (you) must take a few precautionary measures.

If you feel your website traffic has the potential to increase (or is increasing steadily), you must poll the server for additional resources.

Upon getting access granted by the server, your website can function without glitches.

No matter how proactively you prevent issues, temporary problems can occur due to a ‘bad neighbor’ in the shared server.

There may be a sudden spike in their traffic, due to which other websites can go to a standstill. A good hosting server can handle these glitches by minimizing downtime.

How Do We Help?

Raj Softech Solutions has the world’s fastest shared servers from multiple data centers (across the US, UK, and India). Choose a server location based on your website’s traffic share. Our Apache LiteSpeed servers mimic lightning-fast speed for website loading. Our customer support team is always available to handle additional resource requests and technical glitches.

3. Shared Hosting is Cheap, and So is Bad!

The classic apprehension of anything that comes cheap (hosting) is associated with a decline in quality. However, the main reason why the concept of sharing came up in many ventures is to reduce individual costs.

By sharing the cost of server resources, everyone gets the same Quality of Service (QoS).

In a shared hosting plan, not everyone pays the equal cost. Costs are calculated based on the amount of resources, quality of server hardware, software suites, etc. You can choose plans based on the complexity and technicalities of your website.

Say you are a new blogger and want to host your blog.

— During the initial days or months – the blog may not have high traffic.

— You can start with basic plans that include essential features like decent disk space and bandwidth in GBs, firewalls, fast recovery, etc.

People running multiple businesses and want to host multiple domains(websites) can go for a higher ‘enterprise’ style package.

These upgraded packages have more than the essential features, additional SSL security features, etc.

If you are already a popular business, then starting a website can immediately fetch you high traffic.

High-quality customer support, quick upgrade aid, backup, and migration services are very fast to prevent you from losing customers.

What do we offer?

Raj Softech Solutions offers several shared hosting packages curated to suit your business. We have plans starting from Rs. 89 per month to Rs. 369 per month.

4. Shared Web Hosting isn’t Secured

The main misconception about shared web hosting is the concern of security. As we discussed, this is mostly not due to a faulty server but more due to ‘bad neighbors’ in the same server.

A rare yet classic scenario when such security breaches happen is when a single website contains unintended malware. It has a high potential to spread to others sharing the hosting server.

When hackers manage to get hold of one of the hosted websites, there are chances they can get access to the shared resources in the server.

This way, the hackers can get the shared file directory used by websites and affect critical operations of all sharing websites.

The only possible way to get a 100% secure hosting option would be to go for a dedicated server (which can be 10x times as costly).

Does that mean you have to compromise your security and be on a shared server? Absolutely not!

— Hosting servers have their ideal versions of security protocols and safety checks done for each website.

As a website owner, you can prevent your website from turning into a bad neighbor by performing some essential security checks like;

  • Encryption and decryption of documents downloaded and uploaded to your website.
  • User input bot vs human checks.
  • Website-level firewalls to load your pages in a secure environment.

Our Security Measures

We at Raj Softech Solutions have redundant firewall protection on all our shared hosting packages. We do 24/7 monitoring along with firewalls for our server hardware and software. Our latest defense system provides all-around protection from DDoS and server hacks.

5. Shared Servers have Frequent Downtimes

Frequent Website Downtime

It is another popular shared hosting myth that makes people fear taking a shared hosting plan.

When allocating resources for a website, hosting servers have a cap or limit. It is for resources like CPU, RAM, network bandwidth, disk space, no. of visits, etc.

When usage of any of these exceeds the limit creates downtimes. The common scenario is when a website gets a sudden increase in traffic.

To fulfill several user requests, downloads or uploads, payment processing, etc. in the earlier allotted bandwidth would not be possible.

As a result, the server would go to an unavailable state for a specific period.

Today’s shared hosting servers have minimal downtimes, and websites go back online within no time. Then why do such problems still come?

To secure your website from turning into a resource or traffic-blocking bad neighbor, follow these practices;

  • Plan your traffic-inducing promotions after acquiring the right shared hosting plan.
  • When expecting a traffic surge, plan for adequate resource upgrades from your server.
  • If a single domain can wreck your website’s traffic, try splitting your content across multiple domains, each getting an adequate traffic share.

How Do We Handle This?

Raj Softech Solutions has shared servers (that are highly optimized) for the best performance on various loads. We guarantee 99.99% server uptime. Rarely, if a server fails, we offer free migration of your entire website to another hosting server without any downtime.

6. Shared Web Hosting Does Not Offer Scalability

As your website grows, it becomes necessary for you to increase your shared server resources. In a shared server, you do not have ‘admin’ or ‘root’ access to immediately grant the required resources.

In case of sudden traffic spikes, insufficient CPU, RAM, or bandwidth can become a problem for your website. If your website handles e-commerce transactions, a few seconds of technical glitches can lose customers.

A good shared server handles these problems without causing inconvenience to the website owners.

While it is the owner’s responsibility to request upgrades or allocate more specific resources, server promptness is important.

Good service providers offer 24×7 support to ensure you get the requested resources for smooth functioning.

From your end, you must be able to analyze your traffic share and traffic growth. Based on this, you must go for a suitable package or upgrade. Failing to do this can make your website a bad neighbor in a shared server.

Shared servers are mostly preferred by those starting out a new venture with a minimal budget.

Unless your website becomes suddenly popular or trending, traffic growth is gradual.

Hence, calculate your traffic from various channels like social media, Google search, etc. It can give you an estimate of server hardware required for your functioning at different instances of traffic growth.

Do We Handle Upgrades?

At Raj Softech Solutions, our different plans help you to upgrade at any stage whenever there is an increase in resource usage. We have a dedicated support team that works around the clock. We provide support through phone, live chat, and support tickets.

7. All Company Shared Web Hosting Offers the Same

Yet one more misconception about shared web hosting is that every service provider offers the same.

Then why are there so many hosting companies?

How is it that people prefer one over the other?

Different hosting companies offer a host of packages suiting each website. Hosting servers are located at several locations across the world.

The main differences lie in the kind of packages they offer, their modes of website hosting, and pricing.

Other differences are the performance of the server hardware and software, backup and migration, and downtime handling.

Cost differences vary with bandwidth requirements, email accounts, SSD storage, domains, and websites required. It is where your website’s purpose and functionality become a deciding factor for your shared hosting plan.

The security protocols offered by host providers may vary.

  • Firewall algorithms, data encryption, and authentication mechanisms provided to shared websites differ from hosting servers.
  • Check out the latest reviews of your hosting server and its packages before zeroing in on a plan for your website.

Some companies offer hybrids of dedicated and shared web hosting. They have their own implementations of such modes as cloud hosting, Virtual private server (VPS), application-based hosting like WordPress, etc.

What Do We Offer?

Raj Softech Solutions offers shared hosting plans for every budget and website functionality. Our plans vary with website complexity in the following order;

  • Small business websites and blogs with 1 website
  • Medium traffic websites and blogs with 2 websites
  • High-traffic websites and portals with 3 websites
  • E-commerce and website suites have 4 websites

We offer Linux-based shared hosting that is versatile to suit a wide range of hardware and software applications. Our servers ensure minimal downtime, complete protection with a redundant firewall, frequent backups, and smooth recovery during glitches.


If you have plans to host your website on a shared server, check these misconceptions about shared web hosting once.

Many fantasies are related to the concept of sharing server resources and the general problems associated with it.

The main aim of sharing a server is to reduce costs. When starting a new venture like a blog or a business, hosting a website is pivotal.

But it should not become a financial burden. Shared web hosting is definitely a savior for such users in terms of money and ease of use.

The myths about shared hosting services include security and downtime.

Honestly, it is in very rare scenarios that the server is responsible for such incidents. These rare occurrences are due to a ‘bad neighbor’ hosted along with other websites on the server.

As much as we have busted the familiar shared web hosting myths, do a little research from your end.

It involves going through various shared hosting service providers and their packages. Look for the latest reviews from websites that are similar to yours.

Rest assured, we offer the best shared hosting packages well curated to meet your website hosting requirements. Our customer testimonials are real proof to show we are the best in this business to date.

Do get in touch with our technical and customer support team to discuss your website’s functionalities.


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