What is Web Hosting? Features to Consider When Choosing a Hosting

Let us explain to you the basics and need for Web Hosting and it’s types and Features to Consider When Buying?


In Today’s Internet World, every business goes online. Whether it is a small or huge business website is essential and therefore web hosting.

Offering the digital presence for your brand or service is vital. Because the website helps our brand to reach the global market.

Simply, Web Hosting is the process of renting some space for your business website on a web server available on the Internet.

Web hosting is an important one for all websites. It is the warehouse to store entire information of your data.

What is Web Hosting

Without web hosting service, you cannot host your website and it’s entire files in the form of contents, images, and coding documents.

While considering all these conditions you may puzzle which hosting provider to choose for website hosting.

For fast and flexible access to the website the server maintenance and other technical supports are offering from a web hosting company.

We Raj Softech solutions offer effective web hosting for vibrant visibility of your business website at an affordable cost.

Whether it is a small or medium business, consistent and suitable hosting service offering for your website optimization.


1. What is Web Hosting?

A Web Hosting Service is a business that provides the required technologies and services needed for the website to host online.

The website or blog usually consist of web pages, images, files, HTML documents to be hosted on the internet server.

We require a persistent web hosting server to host the website files and make it live on the Internet for business search.

Installing an own internet server is costlier and requires high-level technical skills and types of equipment are necessary.

Hence, it’s best to rent the internet servers on a monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis to host our website files.

It is a kind of special computer that allows you to store our website files and other related data on the Internet.

Later, our website will be served to the visitor computer when they request our website via web browsers.

For business purpose, visitors can open their browser and type our domain name in the address bar to view our website.

The browser will do all the backend operations like finding, retrieving and displaying our website from the server.

I would suggest you go through this article to get more information about Webhosting with our Rajsoftech solutions.

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2. Domain Name vs Web Hosting:

For user sake, to identify our business house, among various other businesses representing a stable name is important.

As the same way, domain name easily encourages the visitor to find our website while browsing the internet.

A domain name is nothing but the website address using which people can easily access your website.

The domain name will appear on the browser’s URL while visitors search for your website.

The Internet is a large network interconnected with multiple computers and having a different domain name for easy access.

The domain name is the primary representation for your brand establishment as well as it needs to precise for easy remembrance.

Domain registration is the initial step while you are ready to float your business through an online process.

Domain name carries a specific IP address, which is a combination of number partitioning with dots and other number extensions.

The domain must be catchy and easy then only the people will remember the name and access the website.

To remember all those numbers is difficult, instead, we can easily remember the name domain name while our search.

A domain name and web hosting are entirely different services from one another. Both are functioning making clear visibility of the website.


3. Features of Web hosting:

Every website to be made live on the Internet will require a web server to serve files of the website.

In the previous part, we have learned the basic knowledge about web hosting and domain name.

There are many web hosting companies are available with various web hosting packages designed for their customers.

Though the packages and pricing may vary, but keep an eye on the features they offer for you.

Features like disk space, bandwidth, number of domains, email facility, FTP accounts, security are important things.

Along with the mandatory features, most web hosts offer additional perks to attract new customers.

Now, let’s discuss important features to consider in web hosting server that you are about to buy.


3.1 Disk space:

Every web hosting account has an allotted storage/disk space on the hosting server.

You should decide how much amount of storage you require for your business website before choosing your plan.

Website-related pages, files, images, videos and databases all are stored in this disk space. Disk space can vary according to the hosting plan.

We need to figure out the exact volume of the disk space or else, we will run out of allotted disk space. It usually one in Shared hosting.

Then finding the higher-end hosting like VPS and Cloud hosting is the permanent solution to save our website data.


3.2. Bandwidth:

The name bandwidth is used to measure the data consumption as per the site’s traffic while they access your website.

Similar to the disk space, the volume of bandwidth depends on what types of hosting we will use for our website.

Normally, every hosting provider will allocate a minimum of 1GB bandwidth in their basic plans and you can decide how much you require?

We can select the plans according to the bandwidth usage of your online business website.


3.3. Number of Domains:

Another important web hosting feature to consider before buying a web hosting plan is the number of hosted domains.

Most companies allow their customers to host a single website (domain) in their basic plans.

But if our business needs multiple websites, then we need to choose some higher hosting plans.

For example, the basic plan from Raj Softech Solutions will allow you to host one website where the corporate plan lets you host 4 websites.

You can create multiple numbers of subdomains for every domain hosted in the plan.


3.4 Control Panel:

Control Panel is a hosting management tool that easily allows users to manage their website files easily.

Commonly, the web hosting control panel comes with both a graphical user interface and a web-based interface.

Normally, every web hosting company provides the world’s popular control panel known as, cPanel.

We can easily add, edit, modify, move or delete our website files hosted in our server by logging into this control panel.


3.5 Emails:

Email is the most predominant means of communication between businesses and outside customers.

When you have a business website, you should opt for a domain-based email for your professional use.

Other businesses and common people likely to trust only business emails rather than common free emails like Gmail.

Ask your hosting provider for the number of free emails that they offer with every hosting plan listed on their website.


3.6 FTP access:

FTP is an alternative means of communication to transfer website files from a local computer to the webserver.

Normally, every hosting provider will give at least one FTP access with every web hosting account.

Ask your hosting provider to get FTP access to your web server.


4.Types of Hosting Services:

Types of Hosting Services

So far we have discussed the various features of web hosting plans to consider when buying a plan?

Now, let us explain the different types of web hosting services and help you to choose the right one.

Choosing the low cost of hosting may helpful at the initial stage but later expensive hosting is ignorable one.


4.1 Shared Server:

Shared Server

In shared hosting, a single server hosts multiple websites which are separated by a software.

For smaller websites, Shared hosting will a better one and it costs too low for sharing a single server among multiple websites.

Hence it seems to an affordable deal but the point of getting high traffic is complicated in shared hosting.

Some times the shared server may slow down your website while more members are handled by the same server.

Shared Hosting Plan is suitable for small business websites, bloggers, and others who just started their first website.


4.2 VPS Server:

Virtual Private Server

A virtual private server is a server running within a server. In the VPS server, a single server hosts many virtual servers.

Functioning with its own operating system, the VPS functions as its independent server and the user will get root access.

Unlike, shared hosting, the traffic, and usage of the website will not affect the entire functionality of a website.

Having own space allotment the server fastly allows the website and within a few seconds, the website will be loaded in the browser.

Back up and restoration of data is easy to process while choosing this VPS server. Manual back up is also a wise one.

Unlike the shared hosting, VPS hosting is a little expensive but offers more features, security and flexible workability.


4.3 Dedicated Server:

Dedicated Server

A dedicated server is a network server especially useful one for the overall management of a firm or enterprise.

In the dedicated hosting, the entire physical server is allocated for the customer to host their business website or blog or any web applications.

Multiple applications and services of a firm can be hosted in a single physical server. So, performance-wise is the best one.

A dedicated server gives the entire server control to the owner which means that the website hosted on the server can use 100% server resources.

To secure the data, total control of the site and a fastening load of the website are possible with this dedicated server hosting.

Comparing to the Shared and VPS hosting, it a little bit costly but certainly value for our money investment.


4.4 Cloud Hosting:

Cloud Hosting

Storing data from multiple computers and accessing all those information through the network connection is the feature of cloud hosting.

Enough storage and endless processing capacity is the best aspects for preferring a cloud web hosting.

Comparing to other hosting services, Cloud hosting offers unlimited bandwidth as per our periodical demand.

In cloud hosting, multiple servers are connected to a single hub to run applications using combined server resources.

This provides the flexibility of running resource-intense applications faster and quicker, thus reducing the chances of downtime.


4.5 Managed WordPress Hosting:

In recent decades, almost every web hosting service provider started to provide managed hosting services for its customers.

In this plan, the hosting will take all responsibilities of server management like software installation, configuration, and Optimization, etc.

Also, they provide technical support, monitor the server, and update software patches, and other utility and core software.

The customer can completely stop thinking about server maintenance and focus on their business development.

Raj Softech Solutions provides managed WordPress hosting plans for individuals, and small to medium businesses at an affordable cost.



If you are new to web hosting and puzzling on which hosting plan to choose, this article will teach all things elaborately.

Online business solely relies on a user-friendly website. For such wide business visibility, proper web hosting is inevitable.

Considering of the hosting plan, it should meet the necessary features. Unless it will be a bad option and consume more money.

Appropriate price, Customer support, Storage and performance are the key features. There are plenty of web hosting services are here.

While choosing your hosting plan cross-check all the above-mentioned features to avoid excess investment on web hosting plans.

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