8 Important Things to Consider before Buying a Domain Name

Know the Important Factors to Consider Before Buying a Domain Name.


Every online business must need a catchy domain name so that the people can visit their business online.

In this article, we will be going to discuss the important things to consider before buying a domain name.

The domain name registration procedure has become simple nowadays and you can easily register a name.

Choosing the right domain name is like naming a child and you cannot change in your future.

Because everyone knows that in the current digital era, a catchy domain is essential for a good business.

A right domain name can either make your business or even break your entire business.

How to Buy a Domain Name


1. What is a Domain?

A Domain can be equated to our home address in the real world, which people type in the browser to visit our site.

Just like people find us with your addresses, web users find our website with the help of domain names.

In simple terms, if the website is your home, then your domain name will be your postal address.

They make it easier for the user to land on your webpage. Some common domain names are .com, .org. .edu. and .net etc.


Why is Domain Name Important?

Before we buy a domain name, we must understand why it is important? In our fast-paced world, people need results instantly.

They don’t have enough time or patience to try and find out which option works out.

In such a scenario, a good and clear domain name is the gateway to your business’s success.

Straightaway it directs interested clients to your website, ensuring good profits.


How does a Domain Name work?

When a user types your domain name, the browser automatically redirects the link to your site. Usually, a domain name has two parts.

The first one is the company name like “RajSoftechSolutions” is the company name, the next part gives the domain name extension such as .com.

Alternatively, a site can be accessed by typing the IP address. An example of an IP address will be etc.

Just Imagine, how it will be possible to remember the IP addresses of so many websites?

That too, without mixing up all the numbers? Only by having Domain names we are spared of such a tedious and time-consuming job.

Simply by remembering the domain name, we access the desired webpage easily and quickly.


How much Does it Cost to Register a Domain?

All the website registrations are controlled by ICANN (International Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers).

We at Raj Softech Solutions India Private Limited acts as a designated registrar to register domain names in India.

Normally, a .com domain name will cost Rs.769 per year for registration and renewal cost also quite the same.

The cost of the domain will vary based on the different extension including .com, .in, .org, .biz, .info, etc.


2. Tips in Choosing the Best Domain Name:

Before deciding to purchase a domain name, you should consider the following important factors.

Now let us see the important tips we must have in mind when we buy a Domain name.


2.1. Stick with .com Extension:

The simple and effective method is to stick with the popular extension .com for your business.

Although there are many other domain extensions, .com is very well known and one can never go wrong with it.

Also, it is a reliable and trusted one. Suppose you choose a new, clever extension and it fails to work, will be very difficult to change it again.

Additionally, .com is easy to remember and even common man knows it byhearts.

Moreover, many smartphones nowadays have it in their keypad option. This makes it a more sought after option.

Another possible risk is when you have one or more domain names, there will be a typo error.

The user may type some additional letters by mistake. Due to this, they will be redirected to some other website and not your one.

Hence, to avoid all these unnecessary problems, always go with a .com extension.


2.2. Make Shorter and Easy to Remember:

Pick a shorter name and the one that is easy to remember while buying a domain name.

People remember a short and unique name, like Facebook, Amazon, etc.

It is best to keep the length of the domain name within a maximum of 15 characters.

And in that be sure to include the keywords related to your business.

Automatically, your site will come up in a top spot in the search rankings too.

A lengthy Domain name is difficult to remember for the people. Moreover, typing errors are less to happen with a short Domain name.


2.3. Pick a Name Easy to Spell:

This is one of the key aspects you must consider when buying a Domain name. Your Domain name must be easy to spell for a common person.

Only this will ensure the reach of your Domain name to all classes of the society. Thus your business will grow across all levels.

Further, while writing down it must be simple and without any complex words.

This is also equally important so that people do not make any typing errors and go to some other website.

Easily spelled words like Flipkart, Snapdeal, etc catch people’s attention. Moreover, they will remember it easily.


2.4. No Hyphens and Numbers:

Do not add Hyphens in your Domain name, this is because most such hyphenated domain names will lead to spam sites.

Having such a vulnerable one is not desirable. Sometimes, your specified Domain name may not be available.

Then you may be tempted to use it with a hyphen.

But the drawback here is when a user forgets to add the hyphen, they will reach your competitor’s website.

Alas! Thus you will be inadvertently promoting their business. The same applies to numbers too.

People find it difficult to remember the exact numbers every time they want to visit a site.


2.5. Use keywords in Your Domain Name:

Getting suitable keywords is very important in buying a Domain name because your clients need to understand your business right away.

The right way to do is to select the suitable keywords that will give you a clear and crisp idea of your business to the people.

You can combine one or two related keywords that can be used to describe your business/products etc.

Especially this gets a high priority as only the right keywords will show your website in the Search Engine ranking list.

Thus by having good content and selecting apt keywords, your website will generate more traffic. This in result will improve sales.


2.6. Avoid Double Letters:

One more aspect of buying a Domain name is to avoid double letters. Usually, people find such spellings more complex to remember.

Further, it increases the chance of typos. Hence to play safe do not use double letters.

By this method, your domain name will be easy to read and type. And people will recognize and connect with it better.


2.7. Think of Future Expansion:

While buying your domain name, it is safe to have a flexible and varied option to give an overall idea about your business/products you deal with.

Initially, you may restrict to one specific product in the business.

But later when you want to expand your business or add a couple or more other products, you will be stumped.

Buying a new domain and establishing it again will be very tiresome. Moreover, your customers may get confused by the sudden name change.

Also, you may lose your ranking in the Search Engine Ranking and have to start again!

Hence to prevent all these troubles it is best to go for a suitable name that allows expanding your business.


2.8. Avoid Copyrighted Names:

Your domain name must not resemble any well-established brand. You must be very careful while buying a Domain name in this aspect.

Even if by chance you end up resembling any copyrighted product, your business will be blown away by legal problems.

To help with such issues, several online tools are available. By using them you can check whether your Domain name is already copyrighted.

If it is, you can avoid it and select an alternate one.


3. Important Steps to Follow in Choosing a Domain Name:

Now we have learned the important aspects of choosing a domain name.

Next, we will see the various steps in buying the Domain name and registering it.

Step 1: Visit our Site to Register Your Domain:

Go to our Domain Name Registration Page and type your desired domain name in the space provided.

The first step to buy a Domain name is to check its availability and we provide a tool to check your selected domain name.

Nowadays almost all popular Domain names are already taken. In such a case, you can try for a different domain extension.

Or modify the name a little and try again. People with loads of money buy specific Domain names for high prices also.

Type Your Domain Name


Step 2: Choose Your Domain Name:

The next step is to select your domain name and add it to the cart. Now the domain name will be added to your buying cart.

Now, you can proceed to check out to buy your first business domain name.

Add Your Selected Domain


Step 3: Select Additional Features:

Once you have chosen the Domain name, then you can go for selecting the additional features in it.

Some common Additional features are DNS Management (Domain Name System Management) and Email forwarding system.

DNS Management is used to control the domain settings like nameserver routing and update.

Many DNS tools are available online but most of them are paid tools, but we offer free tools.

Most importantly these DNS tools allow you to keep your domain site safe and secure.

Email forwarders are used to forward all the emails received in one domain to another one.

After setting up your Domain name, you can add a Domain Forwarder to it. You can automatically redirect all emails to another domain.

ID Protection: Some business wants to hide their real address to protect themselves from the spam marketing calls.

Normally, all registrars charge a small amount of Rs.150 – Rs.200 to hide your real address from the eyes of marketing preys.

You can either choose to hide your Identity at an additional cost of Rs.150 INR.

Choose Domain Features


Step 4: Proceed for Checkout:

Once after you have selected your require features such as DNS Management, Email Forwarding, Domain ID Protection, click continue.

Confirm once again by reviewing your order and proceed for further checkout process.

Confirm Your Order

Now you will be provided a registration form where you need to write your entire details including your name, address, contact number, email, etc.

After that, create a password for your member dashboard. Complete your payment using a debit card, credit card and/or net banking.

We accept all forms of payments to register your domain name.

Registration Form

Finalize Domain Registration



In this article, we have learned the important factors to consider before planning to buy a domain name.

The process of registering a domain name is easy though deciding the right name is a time-consuming task.

A good website name and a right extension can help your business grow quickly in the market.

We hope that this article will help you with buying a domain name for your business.

Your Domain name may be either the keyword of your business or closely related to it. Remember to keep it short and easy to spell.

Now you have done it!

You own a Domain!!

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