6 Best Ways to Become a Digital Marketer in 2020 – Career Advice

Find the Ways to Become a Digital Marketer to create a Great Career in 2020


Nowadays, we often hear the term Digital marketing and it is quite the rage as the number of smartphone users is increasing day by day.

And can you believe this? Roughly about 42% of people in the world have internet access.

As a result, traditional marketing has also taken a new avatar – Digital avatar!

It has gone online and acquired the name of Digital Marketing.

Undoubtedly, this has created enormous Job opportunities like SEO, SEM, SMM and many more.

This article describes all about Digital Marketing – right from how to start, where to start, etc.

Read now and learn the 6 ways on how to become a Digital Marketer.

Become a Digital Marketer


1. What is Digital Marketing?

This is a very broad term including all the marketing done in the digital world.

This means the marketers promote and advertise their products through WebSites, eMails, Social Media, Search Engines and all available online platforms.

In this First step, a Marketer learns about the potential customer’s needs and requirements. He collects their preferences and tastes.

Accordingly, he suggests suitable products through mail alerts, pop-ups, etc and gets their feedback.

And when the customer is satisfied with all aspects of one particular product, it becomes a sale deal.

As we can see, Digital marketing is making great success nowadays due to the Technology revolution and High Bandwidth Network Connections.


2. Qualifications to become a digital marketer?

To become a Digital Marketer, you do not need any specific degree, that is, any graduate, technical person, freelancer or blogger can all become Digital Marketers.

To become a Digital Marketer, you need the passion to learn new things and willing to try new techniques.

Further, if you like to experiment and manipulate data and analysis, then this could be your new career!

Although everyone can become a Digital Marketer, some people easily grasp the ideas and shine in this career.

Especially People having backgrounds like Teaching, Journalism, Writing, Data Analysis, Blogging, etc. take to Digital Marketing like fish to water.

They become successful in this marketing and get great acclaim.

Additionally to remain as a great Digital marketer, staying updated with the latest developments is very necessary.

For this, you can learn Digital marketing’s different terminologies and you must be able to distinguish between them.

Moreover, if you have basic HTML knowledge and graphic design, you are sure to succeed as a Digital Marketer.


3. Job Opportunities and Salary Profile:

Let us see the various Job opportunities and the salary details, as we all know, this is a continuously evolving field.

Hence it offers great scope for learning and adapting to the latest online trends.

Because of these reasons, various job opportunities are available in this field.

Hence there is an unprecedented rise in the demand for Digital Marketers nowadays as internet usage is expanding every day.

Hence if you become a Digital marketer, you can get a stable and well-paid job.

A  study in the UK  predicts in the year 2020, the UK alone will have 2 million vacancies for Digital marketing.

So we can assure that you will get plenty of Jobs to choose from. Next, let us see the salary profile in this field.


3.1. Salary Profile:

As we discussed above, a Digital Marketer has several Job options.

Some of the options are SEO analyst, SMM Executive, Email Marketing Specialist, Data Analyst, etc.

They can also work as a Digital Marketing Executive, Content Marketing Executive, SMM Specialist, SEO Executive, and Virtual Reality Developer.

Even though all the above Job skills overlap with one another, they require individual and specific talents also.

And when it comes to salaries, the average salary is 3 Lakhs per annum.

Also, It will increase with the increase in his experience, Social Media skills and technical expertise.

Besides some Job profiles like Big Data Analyst and Information Architect fetch higher salaries in the field of Digital Marketing.

More so, Software Companies in Cities like Delhi, Pune, and Bengaluru offer more salaries when compared to other cities.

So you need not wait anymore. You can become a Digital Marketer right away!


4. A Career in Digital Marketing:

Here let us see in detail the various Job offers in this industry.

4.1. SEO Executive:

Search Engine Optimization or SEO Executive is responsible for improving the traffic to your WebSite.

As the number of visitors to your website increases, the sales potential also increases.

The SEO Executive’s job is to analyze and modify the site for higher visibility in the search engines.

He does this job by working on the collected data with several SEO tools and as a result, the site gets a high ranking in Search Engine Results.

SEO Executive uses SEO tools such as Google Analytics, then observes the results and based on that he suggests profitable Marketing ideas.

He is also responsible to avoid or solve common SEO scams to safeguard the site from algorithmic penalties.

Such an SEO gets a salary ranging from Rs. 20,000/- to 40,000.


4.2. Digital Marketer:

By becoming a Digital Marketer you are responsible for the marketing done in all online platforms.

That is you will be promoting your product using Social Media, Emails, Blogs, Websites, etc.

Besides, Digital Marketing includes promoting business through Search Engines and other digital media like mobile apps.

Thus by using the above online marketing techniques, you establish your brand and also you make sure it remains popular in the market.

As a Digital Marketing Manager, you can earn between Rs.30000/- to Rs. 150000.


4.3. SEO Analyst:

This is a more research-oriented role in the industry. Generally, SEO Analysts are expected to have a thorough knowledge of SEO, SMM, and other tools.

They will be experts in statistics, analytics, advanced excel, and other programming languages also.

They may not have client meetings but they will be part of the Marketing team.

Their duties will be to ensure that the business site is found by current and potential clients with ease.

They collect data from all online resources like blogs, websites, social media, e-commerce pages, etc.

From these data, they find out how much they are visible to the customers and the ways to improve on it?

Additionally, SEO Analyst reviews the SEO health regularly. After this, he suggests suitable changes for further developments.

They get salaries between 10 to 18 lakhs per annum.

Okay, now comes the next question, how to become a Digital Marketer?

For this, we will see the 6 ways by which you can become one.


5. Ways to Become a Digital Marketer:

5.1. Join Certified Courses:

As we saw in the beginning, Digital marketing is an evolving field. New Techniques, New Coding Languages, and new apps are being added every day.

Due to those reasons, there is no particular or specified qualification to become a Digital Marketer.

Learning certified course can suppose to make you a professional, at the same time, you can also learn quickly and efficiently.

These Courses will guide you in your learning, and help in clearing your doubts using practical examples.

To put in a nutshell, your learning will be easy and effective. Here, we are giving some of the certificate courses for your easy reference.

One of the big four companies, Google offers several certification courses. These courses help you to improve your skills.

At the same time, you can get an idea about their advertising strategies and methods.

Likewise, Hubspot also offers various Certifications. By doing this, you can understand the fundamentals and insights of the Industry.

Given below are some of the Google certifications:

  1. Search Certification
  2. Mobile Certification
  3. Mobile Sites Certification
  4. Video Certification
  5. Digital Sales Certification
  6. Shopping Certification
  7. Display Certification
  8. Apps Administrator Fundamentals
  9. Analytics Individual Qualification
  10. Google Analytics Premium
  11. Analytics 360
  12. Google Online Marketing Fundamentals

Given below are some of the Hubspot certifications:

  1. Inbound Marketing Certification
  2. Inbound Sales Certification
  3. Social Media Certification
  4. Content Marketing Certification
  5. Search Engine Optimization
  6. Brand Engagement Certification
  7. Graphic Design Certification
  8. Sales Manager Training Certification
  9. Facebook Marketing Certification

Bing gives the following Certification Course: Accredited Professional Bing Ads Certification

Twitter too offers the following Certificate Course: Twitter Marketing Graduate

And what makes this more special is that all the above Courses are FREE. Yes, Really!

Moreover, many other WebSites like Udemy, Alison also provide very good Course materials for Digital marketing.

By doing these professional courses you will have an extra advantage in the Job Interviews.

One more reason to do these certifications is nowadays more companies prefer digital marketers with valid certifications.

Hence, if you do these courses and equip yourself, you can become a good digital marketer.


5.2. Attend nearby Events:

Normally people tend to think that we can get information and knowledge from our online resources. And feel that is enough for the job!

But in reality, you will get true and wholesome experience by attending Live Events and Conferences.

By participating in such Events you can get an idea of the latest industry trends.

Further, they will help you to gauge the future requirements of the industry.

Also, these events give you a chance to meet your fellow Digital marketers in your locality and develop bonding and friendship.

Thereby you can improve interpersonal relationships.

And in turn, you will increase your business contacts and profits, too!.


5.3. Learn from Brands and Entrepreneurs:

In Digital Marketing, One of the best ways to become a digital marketer is to learn from the leaders.

As in every other industry, there are leaders in the Digital Marketing Industry.

Such Thought leaders are highly skilled persons who started their enterprise from scratch.

Because of their dedication, new techniques, and correct skills, they attained the top position in the Industry.

They gladly share their journey details. Their sites have useful content and tips on how to improve your career.

Among such Marketing Experts, Neil Patel is the best example. One can visit his site and learn a lot.

Other popular thought leaders include Seth Godin for leadership, Ann Handley for content writing, David Beebe for storytelling, etc.

Additionally, one can learn from established Brands also. Such an example in the field is Hubspot.

Hubspot offers products and services for marketing and sales.

Moreover, it provides tools for Social media marketing, Search engine optimization, Content marketing, Web analytics and a lot more.


5.4. Create a Social Network and Connect:

Creating a good social network and connecting with the right people is very important to become a Digital Marketer.

For this, there are many Online and Offline Community groups. One can join them and be a part of the community.

As a result, you will get constant updates about your business and the industry trends.

Besides, this will also increase your network and business contacts.

Moreover, such a network community will help you in solving any challenges you may face.

Sometimes, your friends may come up with a fresh idea to solve your problem.

Thus while looking at things from a  new perspective, you may get the right solution.


5.5. Join Internship:

This is one of the best ways to become a digital marketer. Learning a skill is one thing; practicing it is entirely different.

Just like Driving, Swimming, etc you have to practice your Digital Marketing skill in the real world.

For this, an Internship allows you the chance to learn from the real world.

Thus by doing an Internship you know and estimate your capabilities for yourself.

And when you deal with real-time experiences and projects, you will learn how to handle tough situations.

More importantly, you can do a SWOT analysis of your skills and decide your job profile.

That is you can try Internships for various positions like SEO Executive, SMM Marketer, etc and explore your abilities.

Hence finding a job that suits your temperament and interests will be much simpler after an Internship.


5.6. Practice Continuous Learning:

Though this comes as the last, this step is highly important to become a successful digital marketer.

The digital marketing field brings new developments every day.

So it is nearly impossible to tell when your knowledge may be complete.

This is going to be a continuous learning process, yes, for sure!

How to do this?

To help in this, we have WebSites like Content Marketing Institute and Buffer.

There are plenty of excellent articles available on these sites and they cover almost the whole of the Digital Marketing Industry.

In these articles, all your queries will be answered, starting right from the basic ones.

Additionally, to keep yourself updated, you can subscribe to their mailing list.

Further, several podcasts shows are available online.

Thus by listening to them, you can learn a lot about the business and its allied fields.



To become a Digital Marketer, you must have a passion for learning.

Also, you must be a quick learner and be open to new ideas and willing to experiment with them.

Adding to this, you must be well versed in handling data and analysis.

So, this is the suggested road map to become a Digital marketer:

  1. The first step is to start learning about terminologies.
  2. Next is to Join a Certified Course.
  3. Then practice in the real world with an Internship.
  4. Now check out for the various exciting roles like SEO, SMM, SEO analyst, etc.
  5. Choose the option which you like best.

And you will become a Digital Marketer!

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