11 Important Steps of Branding Your Business in 2019


Are you looking for ideas on how to Brand your Business?

Then this is the right place for you – we are going to discuss what is a brand and the enormous benefits and advantages you will get by branding your business.

In this article, we will be outlining the 11 important steps of Branding your Business in 2019.

These tips will help you to understand the psychology of the consumer market.

Following these ideas will make your brand an outstanding one and boost your Business!

Branding Your Business

What is a Brand?

A Brand is the Business Identity you give to your Product/Service.

Branding your business distinguishes it from other similar Products/Services in the market and makes it unique. It is similar to the face of a person.

A Brand is not just a recognizable name or logo; it is beyond that. It conveys the intrinsic value of your business and connects you to your customers emotively.

From this, we can deduce that whenever a customer sees your brand in the online or offline, they are reminded of your product.

Therefore it is highly essential to Brand your Business so that you may have a profitable business.

What is a Brand Building?

As we all know, Branded products rule the world. Right from a simple ballpen to expensive products like Computers, there are many established brands available in the market.

People come to the store already having a fair idea of which brand they are going to choose.

This is confirmed by the following fact.

Nielsen Survey states that roughly 59% of consumers prefer to buy products from brands with which they are familiar.

This is sure to give us a fair idea of the necessity for Branding your Business.

And if you are wondering how to do that, the following 11 points will help you to Brand your Business easily and effectively.

1.) How do you build a brand for your business?

How to Create a Brand

Branding your business means that you are announcing your presence in the market by using market strategies and campaigns.

Thus by creating a Brand, you are creating a unique and lasting clientele for your business.

And to be a successful one, your brand must be consistent and easily recognizable.

How to go about creating a Brand?

For this try thinking of your Brand as a person. As people have characteristics and personality traits, Brands sure have them!

Now, decide what you want to convey through your Brand and it will speak to the world!

2.) Research Your Target Audience:

Find Your Audience for Branding

While Branding a Business, the First and foremost thing to do is to research and identify your target audience.

Who is your potential customer? Which section of the consumer are you expecting for your Product?

It will be a better idea to separate the consumer database according to age, gender, qualifications, location, income, spending habits, etc.

The first step is choosing the right set of people who are most likely to use your product.

Next comes the task of advertising it to them. Narrowing down the list and identifying the potential buyers surely will benefit your Business.

As we are aware, It is easier for a student or a youngster to relate to a Games App when compared to a senior citizen.

So it is almost certain that such a lead will turn into a business.

3.) Your Brand’s Mission and Vision:

Mission Vision Statement of a Brand

This is one of the most important steps in building your brand. Your Brand must have a Mission and Vision.

The Mission will convey the purpose of your Brand, Who you are, What is your uniqueness, what you offer, etc.

This you can do by researching the emotional need of the target audience, their market expectations and addressing them.

Such a move will connect you with the people and inform them of the identity and character of your Product.

In short, your Mission statement must be conveying all the aspects of your Brand Building techniques.

It must also be reflected in your logo, your tagline, message about your Product and your Personality.

For examples, Nike’s Mission Statement is:

“To bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world”

It is equally important to have a vision for your Product.

While in the initial steps, your niche audience may be small. But, with time it will keep growing steadily and hence, having an inclusive development will surely help you.

4.) Identify Your Competitors:

After selecting your target consumers, the next move is to identify your competitors. Just imitating like other Brands is a useless task.

You must find out your competitors in the market. Sometimes, depending on your business, they may be highly established big Brands too.

But stop worrying! There’s always room for one more Product/Service in the market.

What you have to do is to thoroughly analyze the Competitors’ Product, their specific areas of strength, their weak points, their pricing methods, and all other details.

Getting these details will give you the knowledge to identifying your place on the ladder.

There will be some unaddressed need which you can capitalize and Brand your Business.

Once you pinpoint that particular void and start filling that need, your business will start growing!

5.) Define Your Brand and Build it up!

Describing your brand clearly with the Qualities and Benefits is a sure way to attract customers.

Focus on what is your Brand’s mission statement and what values and emotions you are attaching with them.

It should not be a monotonous repetition of details but must be comprehensive and attractive.

To start with, we are suggesting some adjectives to advertise your product.

Amongst them, you can select an option that you wish to come to the customer’s mind when they see your Brand.

Let’s suppose your brand is a person, how will you describe it?

Simple, sleek, Elegant, Extraordinary, Funny, Geeky, Loving, Sharing, etc.

In addition to that, it must convey the value and benefits of your product and how it is useful to them. A result-oriented slogan will be more attractive.

For example, it can be like “Reduce Your costs with our New Share Ride”.

6.) Choose Your Business Name:

Choosing the Right Business Name is the next step in brand building. As this is the first commitment you make to the world in Building a Brand. please choose it carefully.

Your Brand name will be seen in your Logo, your design, your domain, your marketing, and your trademark registration.

Hence it should be hard to imitate by others and harder to be confused with already available Brands in the market.

Keeping these factors in mind, choose a name that aptly describes your Product/Service.

Some of the methods which you can use for Building a Brand name are

  1. Using Initials – like HBO (Home Box Office )
  2. Combining Two words – FaceBook (Face + Book)
  3. Altering a word by removing letters, adding letters, etc – Tumblr (Tumbler)

Alternately, you can also use the Business Name Generator to decide on your Brand name.

Before registering your Brand name, please check with the domain availability for your Brand name as it is very crucial for online marketing nowadays.

7.) Create a Logo & Caption:

Logo Designing Services

Creating a Logo and a Caption for Branding your Business is the most exciting and colorful activity.

Visuals appeal more to people quickly and easily. Hence, please do invest enough time and money to design your Logo and Caption.

Your Logo will be visible in all works that are related to your business. It is like a visiting card which will be reminding people of your presence.

Consider all the places where you will be using your Logo. It will be on your website, Facebook page, Instagram and in favicons in your browser

Hence design it in such a way as to be unique, easy to identify and scalable to be visible in all ranges.

The following list gives some types of Logos and their examples.

  1. Abstract Logo – Google
  2. Mascot – Wendy’s
  3. Emblem – Starbucks
  4. Lettermark – IBM
  5. Icon – Twitter
  6. WordMark – FaceBook

It is also okay to combine one or more of the above types and design your Logo in Brand Building.

8.) Select the Colors For Your Brand:

Colors give a cool look for your Brand. More importantly, the colors you select for your Brand Building must convey the feelings that want to communicate with your Brand.

Hence it is highly important to select the right colors for Branding your Business.

Thus, you can differentiate your brand from other competitors and thereby help your customers to avoid any confusion.

The color info guide gives a clear picture of the different range of emotions people feel when they see different colors.

You can also use tools like “Google Material Design” to find colors that will get together, select a combination of two shades and for other suggestions to design a colorful Logo.

9.) Create a Website to Build your Brand:

Static Web Design

Having your website is considered a sure way in Brand Building. This will improve marketing and popularise your Brand in the Business.

To do this you have two options. Either you can create your webSite or get professional help to design your Site.

Please remember that your website can be the one place where one can get to know all the details regarding your brand, its performance, its key points, and special features.

Having a tie-up with online marketing agencies and promoting your website to your target audience will shoot up your business prospects.

10.) Protect Your Brand:

Once you have finalized on the Logo for your Brand, make sure you register it.

Registering the Logo and having the Trademark rights will only help you in case of any legal disputes which may arise in the future.

This is very essential in building your brand because some companies do imitate some popular Brands and sell their look-alike Products.

Unless the consumer is vigilant, they cannot find the difference in the Brands and this may affect your sales.

11.) Brand Building Techniques using Digital Marketing:

In the Ongoing era of technological advancements, Digital Marketing is a highly necessary and efficient tool for building your Brand for Business.

Several such online tools are used for Digital Marketing. Some of them are SEO, SEM, SMO, SMM, Email Marketing and Content Marketing.

Let us see them one by one.

11.1.) SEO:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the best ways to increase traffic to your website and to create awareness about your Product.

You keep your content simple and also with enough focus words, such that your website appears in the Search engine result pages.

A high ranking will assist in building your brand quickly.

11.2.) SEM:

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a method of Internet marketing in which you improve the Site’s visibility in Search Engine Results Pages (SERP).

SEO is also a part of SEM. Besides, we use paid Advertising services to direct traffic to our Sites.

A typical example is Google Adwords. This is an advertising service by Google for business people who want to advertise their Product.

11.3.) SMO:

We can get the best results in Building a Brand by linking Search Engine Optimization with Social Media, and this is known as Social Media Optimization (SMO).

In this, we use Social Media Sites, Video Sites, RSS feed, Bookmarking Sites and Blogging Sites to bring traffic to our Site. This increases the Search Engine results.

Having an RSS feed on the blog is an example of SMO.

This is mainly used for Search Engine Ranking and Lead Generation.

11.4.) SMM:

In Social Media Marketing (SMM), we use social networking sites as marketing tools to advertise our Brands for Business.

The content posted in Social Media Platforms like Twitter, Facebook are shared by the Users, resulting in Building your Brand image and improving the customer base.

11.5.) Email Marketing for Brand Building:

Email Marketing brings excellent results in Building your Brand for Business.

By sending the right mail at the right time to the right person, you will be converting an inquiry into a Business.

For this purpose, we can use many types of Emails Seasonal Greeting mails, Promotional Emails, Newsletters are some among them.

Thus by selecting your target audience and sending emails to them, you can keep in touch with them and remind them of your Brand.

11.6.) Content Marketing:

Your Company’s website blog will be the basis for your Content Marketing.

Therefore finding out the likely visitors to your blog and understanding their taste and preferences will matter a lot.

While Building your brand we must always try to present the Content simply and efficiently. Repetition of ideas and high sounding Jargon can be avoided.

Ensure your blog is found in the SEO results by including the correct Keywords related to your Product.

Presenting your blog with colorful visuals will also improve your Branding in the business.


A Brand is the public perception of your Business. Creating a Brand is not just designing the Logo or Caption.

It is equally important to maintain consistency throughout your business journey.

Interacting with Consumers, Getting their feedback and implementing their suggestions.

Giving Promotional Offers are some of the tips to popularise your Brand in the Business Circles.

And Finally, ensuring the quality of the Products will always go a long way in sustaining the loyalty of customers to your Brand.

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