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Raj Softech Solutions provides affordable web design services. Know the website design cost in Coimbatore to get some idea before creating your first business website.

Today in this competitive market, every business requires a website to bring more sales. So, people in Coimbatore are searching on Google to know the website design costs in Coimbatore.

Since the Internet is full of information, it can be hefty for any business to find a reliable web design company.

When you search for the keyword Best Web Design Company in Coimbatore, you may eventually see lakhs of results.

It is hard for people and businesses to choose the right company for their requirements. And if you are the one who is worrying to identify the perfect company, then this information is for you.

Raj Softech Solutions India Pvt Ltd initiates its operation to cater to several website designing requirements in and around Coimbatore.

Website Design Cost in Coimbatore

We have an experienced team of designers committed to designing and developing a professional website for your business.

We have over eight years of experience in the design industry. So do not worry as you have found the best company associate for your business.

  • A simple static website design cost in Coimbatore starts from Rs. 9,999 onwards.
  • Dynamic websites will range from Rs. 12,000 to Rs. 15,000.
  • We also develop eCommerce websites for grocery stores and departmental stores, and the price starts from Rs. 14,999 onwards.
  • Any customized website design requirements start from Rs. 24,999/- onwards.

So whatever the business you are planning to start, we have a solution for you.

Why Do Businesses Need a Website?

People nowadays are fond of online shopping, and the consumer behavior pattern has changed. Evolving technologies in this digital era make people search and complete their buying decisions from their homes.

People are using their laptops and smartphones to accomplish their maximum purchases.

A simple example is Yellow Pages – replaced with online directories after the invention of the World Wide Web. People started using online directories to discover information about nearby businesses or stores.

More people are using the Internet in their daily lives, and the numbers are increasing. Hence, it becomes necessary for a business to go online, and the website is the only platform available.

  1. A professional website does marketing 24x7x365 days without taking rest.
  2. It communicates with people around the clock to pass on your business information.
  3. Websites increase credibility and create trust among the people.
  4. Intellectual websites help people to learn about your services or products quickly.
  5. A well-designed website makes you stand out from the crowd.
  6. You can reach the global market without the need for a brick-and-mortar store in different physical locations.

We can stack many advantages of having a business website for a business nowadays. All this sounds great, but do you know how much it will cost to design a website in Coimbatore?

Which is the best web design company in Coimbatore to hand over your website development process? Here’s the solution.

Best Features of Web Design Services at Raj Softech Solutions

At Raj Softech Solutions India Pvt. Ltd, we pay attention to developing the best responsive websites.

Usability is a crucial element for the success of any website. It helps to improve the performance of your business website and increase your market share.

You do not need to invest big money to develop your business sites. Raj Softech Solutions creates websites at an affordable cost to the customer.

A Basic static website will cost you just Rs. 9999, including the domain name and the shared hosting for one year.

Similarly, if you want to develop an eCommerce website, the development cost starts from Rs. 14,999 onwards.

Below are the best web design services in Coimbatore offered by our company.

  1. Responsive Design – Compatible for smooth user experience on different devices.
  2. Planned Architecture – An organized website is necessary to target the right market.
  3. Fast Load Time – We ensure that every website we develop loads much faster.
  4. User UX/UI – Good navigation is the critical aspect of website usability.

Website plays a vital role in determining the success of any business in recent times. Therefore, our expert website designers in Coimbatore ensure the best results at every stage of website development.

We carefully design each page to cater to the business goal and bring more conversions to the business.

What is the Minimum Cost of Developing a Business Website?

There are so many web design companies located in and around Coimbatore. And they have set their own website design cost in Coimbatore.

Raj Softech Solutions is a leading web design company that caters to various business needs. Below is the breakup of the cost involved in developing a professional website for a business.

The minimum cost of developing a business website will be around Rs. 8,000 to Rs. 10,000.

It includes,

  1. A domain name (usually .com).
  2. Shared Web hosting for one year.
  3. Web Development cost starts from Rs. 5,000.

Today WordPress powers more than 48% of websites and blogs available on the Internet. So, we suggest you develop your business site in WordPress.

In addition, WordPress website running costs are comparatively lower than PHP-based websites. The cost of designing a website depends on several factors, such as the technologies, company, and total development hours.

Designing a complex website may cost more than Rs. 30,000 based on the business requirements.

However, developing a basic business website may cost around Rs. 8,000 to Rs. 10,000.

Domain Name Registration and Shared Web Hosting are also included in the website design cost. You do not need to pay extra at Raj Softech Solutions company.

Types of Website Design and the Cost

Raj Softech Solutions company offers the best website designing services in Coimbatore since 2014.

With over eight years of experience, we have developed many standard business websites, eCommerce sites, and responsive websites.

We have clients not only from India. We also provide services in Canada, Australia, Saudi Arabia, the United Kingdom, and Malaysia.

Raj Softech Solutions always ensures quality over quantity. So our customers still choose us as their best digital partner.

The types of websites we design are;

  1. Static Websites (Starts from Rs. 9,999)
  2. Dynamic Websites (starts from Rs. 12,999)
  3. CMS Websites (starts from Rs. 13,999)
  4. Custom E-commerce Shopping Sites (starts from Rs. 14,999)
  5. School and College Websites (starts from Rs. 29,999)
  6. Small Business Websites (starts from Rs. 9,999)
  7. And the list goes on.

We provide professional assistance from one of the best web design companies in Coimbatore.

We have technologies to support every business including groceries, textiles, boutiques, agriculture, schools, colleges, pump manufacturers, and departmental stores.

Best Website Designing in Coimbatore

In 2024, websites will be the first source of information for business prospects. When someone wants to take a service or buy a product from you, they first land on your website.

It’s a second thing to know how they came to your website because people may come from search engines or social media.

After that, your website provides the first impression to attract those audiences. We have studied somewhere on the Internet, stating that a business without a website loses 68% of business leads.

It is a heavy loss for any business. Hence website designing is becoming more important nowadays for every business on earth.

Thanks to the technology that enables even an amateur to develop a website. But, however, professional business websites must meet the standards to outrank competitors and stand out from the crowd.

So to make it happen, we provide the best website designing services in Coimbatore at an affordable cost.

We develop static websites (starts from Rs. 9,999), dynamic websites (starts from Rs. 12999), and eCommerce websites (starts from Rs. 14,999).

If you have any website design requirements or want to redesign your website, then we could help you.

We are committed to developing responsive websites to give your customers a smooth browsing experience.

Factors Influencing the Website Design Cost

A website is a combination of web pages together hosted on an Internet server. When someone types a domain name in their browser, the Internet will search the website on the WWW and show the website.

Developing a small business website will cost you anywhere between Rs. 8,000 to Rs. 50,000.

Now, let’s discuss the various factors involved in the website design cost. It will give you a clear idea of preparing your web design requirements and investment.

1. Domain Name (Rs. 799 per year)

A domain name is the first component in determining the cost of designing a website in Coimbatore. A domain name is a string of text used to access websites hosted on the Internet Server.

The domain consists of different parts such as protocol, subdomain, domain name, TLD, and path.

  • Protocol: Usually, all the domains on the Internet follow HTTPS protocol.
  • Sub-Domain: It is a part of the domain used to call the files and folders from sub-directories or sub-folders.
  • Domain Name: A unique text string in the human-readable language used to find the websites.
  • TLD: Top-level domain to tell users the general purpose of the domain name.
  • Path: It usually shows the file location or any other website assets.

In India, most businesses choose the ‘.com’ extension, and the cost of domain registration is Rs. 799 (+gst) at Raj Softech Solutions.

Many other TLDs are available such as .com, .biz, .net, .org, .info, and more.

2. Shared Hosting (Rs. 1100 per year)

After you develop your website, you want to put the files and other assets onto an Internet Server.

It is not possible to set up an Internet server at your home or your office. Hence, we have to purchase a hosting service from the market.

Many companies provide the required technologies to host a website on the Internet. Several types of web hosting are available, and we are not going into the chapter too deeply.

We advise new businesses to purchase a Shared Web Hosting plan. It is affordable and cost-effective.

The shared web hosting plan starts from Rs. 89 per month at Raj Softech Solutions.

3. Content Management System (WordPress costs Rs. 5,500)

The technologies we use should be added to our website design cost in Coimbatore.

Raj Softech Solutions from Coimbatore suggests startups and new businesses use WordPress CMS for developing their websites.

WordPress is a popular content management system built with great features for a business to manage their blogs.

It is a great option to build a business website with dynamic pages. Coding a website will cost you more than developing a website with WordPress.

All we need is to search for a suitable WordPress theme for our business and purchase it from the market.

We can simply install them and start developing websites. Both free themes and premium themes are available. The average cost of a WordPress theme is $50 to $80.

4. Content Creation for Website (Re. 40 to Re. 1 per word)

After buying a domain name and web hosting, we need to install WordPress to start creating the website.

After this process, we want to write content describing our business. Remember, the content is the king that acts as a catalyst in attracting people.

When developing a website, you want to include the cost of writing content for the pages. Usually, every business website must have a home, about, contact, services, and policy pages.

And all these pages require content, and we want to recruit a content writer for that ask.

5. Logo Designing (up to Rs. 5,000)

A perfect and unique business logo helps you grow your business as a unique brand in the competitive market.

Creating a professional logo will take a week or two. It will cost you anywhere from Rs. 5,000.

The logo is the face of your business and creates a strong impression on your target audience.

Hence, don’t forget to invest some money to develop a brand logo for your business website.


So far, we have gained more knowledge and understanding of the cost involved in designing a website.

Many businesses are still not aware of the importance of having a website for their business these days.

It may be a less necessary element for your business now, but soon you will be extinct if you don’t develop a website today.

Because people are biased toward technology, and 80% of their purchases end on their smartphones.

Only a few people visit a brick-and-mortar store to purchase groceries, clothes, or other household equipment.

So start thinking of designing a website for your business today by purchasing a domain name, hosting, and WordPress theme.

These are the various factors affecting the website design cost in Coimbatore.

If you are looking for a reliable company to work with, check our Web Designing Servies today. Our web design experts are ready to create websites as per your requirements.


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