List of Top 16 Best Web Hosting Companies in India


Choose the right hosting for your website from these web hosting companies:


One of the most important decisions to make when constructing a website is to select the right web hosting services for your site.

The Web Hosting Companies provides web hosting services which are very important for all websites to be accessible through the internet.

There are various types of web servers suitable for personal websites, eCommerce or business sites, as well as multiple sites.

One of the important things to consider when choosing the proper hosting for your website is the ability to transfer data.

Best Web Hosting Companies

Higher data transfer or bandwidth allows your website to transfer data faster to your visitor from your website.

Security features, webspace, speed of access and control panel are other important factors to look for when choosing a web server.

Technical support is also very important so that clients can easily ask for assistance to solve the problem whenever they encounter problems with the web hosting server or resources.

Having the right type of hosting account for your website is crucial to your online business success and sustainability.

Poor server management and allocation of resources can cause anything from slow page loads to server crashes, and even lower ranking of search engines.

If you want to make your website as successful as possible, the right type of web hosting services from the right web hosting companies is essential.


Top 16 Web Hosting Companies of 2020:

1.) Bluehost:

Bluehost Web Hosting stands out from the rest of the hosting providers due to the many advantages they offer to clients.

You can choose them from a lot of web hosting companies when you want to set up your own website.

When you start to compare different pricing plans and different options, the choices can be overwhelming.

But it’s worth taking the time to weed through all the different offers that companies make to ensure you choose the right web hosting company for your business.

In terms of support system and backup plans, Bluehost is moderately reliable.

For all your data, you can look forward to a very secure and reliable backup and a very good customer support center.

Furthermore, the uptime provided is also good and the servers and equipment of high quality ensure that it can also keep it stable.

In addition, there are plenty of tools available for that in terms of administration.


  1. Secure, precise and reliable backups
  2. A very high-quality customer support
  3. Quality equipment and servers
  4. Maximum uptime guaranteed
  5. Different and efficient functional tools for management


2.) Domain Racer:

DomainRacer is one of the best-reputed brands among top web hosting providers.

They provide cheap web hosting services to the world. They offer various hosting options as per user needs.

DomainRacer offers comprehensive and excellent features like Unlimited SSD storage, Free SSL Certificate (HTTP/3 and QUIC), LiteSpeed Technology, CloudLinux and more service at a very reasonable price.

After Facebook and Google, only DomainRacer who uses the latest technology features like HTTP/3 and QUIC.

DomainRacer introduces with essential tools like (Softaculous, SitePad Website Builder & more) to build a responsive website with 1000+ templates and layouts.

With the point, it clarifies that DomainRacer covers everything as you need to host the site.

In terms of the cheap and best web hosting plans and prices, it is very reasonable or inexpensive with amazing 24/7/365 days of customer support and services.

Also, they offer multiple preferences for data center server locations such as India, UK, USA, Germany, France, Singapore, and Canada.

If you use hosting with DomainRacer, you’ll never need to migrate to someone else.


Extraordinary Features of DomainRacer:

  1. Speed: DomainRacer gives 19x faster LiteSpeed Cache Technology to speed up your website.
  2. Technical Support: DomainRacer prides itself to provide 24/7/365 days customer support via Live Chat, Email, Ticket, and WhatsApp, etc.
  3. Proactive Security: They provide security tools like Free SSL License, Imunify360, ImunifyAV+, DDoS protection, firewall patch, etc.
  4. Optimized Solution: DomainRacer comes with a high-performance shared web hosting solution that helps you to speed up your website.
  5. Uptime Guarantee: In terms of server uptime, then DomainRacer is one of the best solutions to offer a range of 99.99% uptime monitoring server.


3.) GoDaddy:

GoDaddy is one of the first core business providers in hosting websites on the Internet.

They provide a set of services specified as domain registration, website design, web hosting, and e-mail services.

They also provide business resolutions specified as explicit email marketing, website viewing, applications for customer relationship management, and search engine profile.

GoDaddy is the first company to register for the hostname. And so whether you’re an Internet starter or a Net Marketing Master, GoDaddy has a wealth of responses to meet your requirements.

GoDaddy is the world’s largest provider of domain names.

They provide expensive setup, absolve software, 24/7 abide electronic mail, web and phone, and storage and inexhaustible transmission.

They have buyable saving, luxurious and unlimited design packages.

GoDaddy’s Search Engine Profile Wares helps develop your site so you can be discovered by the search engines.

This product helps move your website up in the rankings of the search engine and advance your web exposure.


  1. It helps newbies set up their website easily and provides innovative designers
  2. It provides low-priced web host plans
  3. GoDaddy is having a very easy to use interface
  4. This web host provides a variety of useful assistance and support options
  5. It is Highly secured and reliable


4.) Raj Softech Solutions:

Among the top web hosting companies, the Raj Softech Solutions offers complete web hosting solutions focusing on the satisfaction of its customers.

The registration of the domain name usually involves a cost. But the registration costs for one domain name will be covered by Raj Softech Solutions.

At Raj Softech Solutions, they provide all the tools necessary to create a high-quality Website, from design wizards and templates to powerful add-ons.

Advanced applications for programmers and professional website designers are also available.

A variety of email tools is available in Raj Softech Solutions. Customers can create any number of email accounts and access accounts forwarding and self-response tools.


  1. Advanced tools to create a website
  2. Provide customized email tools
  3. 24×7 support
  4. Reasonable Packages
  5. Highly secure and reliable


5.) HostGator:

HostGator is considered one of the best among the many web hosts and is well known for its reliable servers and, above all, for its exceptional customer service.

It is based on customer satisfaction and therefore offers great prices as well as quality service and, above all, the reliability that customers expect from a web hosting site.

HostGator offers good hosting for Windows and Linux domains with flexibility enabling user-friendly use of HostGator services by users of various aspects of life.


1.) Technical support: HostGator Company has very godly technical support that works 24/7 and is definitely easy to use.

2.) Price: The first aspect that attracts customers is the price and the web hosting company, where variety is the key, takes good care of that. You have to choose from a lot of packages and prices.

3.) Software: The software used by HostGator allows users to have a smooth browsing experience.

4.) Reliability: This is the most sought-after web hosting company attribute. Because both Windows and Linux domains are hosted by HostGator

5.) CPanel: While the HostGator control panel is standard, it offers a variety of other unique features.

It allows free hosting of WordPress for its users. The 1-click installation process can also be used by users to easily link all their blogs to the HostGator hosting service.


6.) InMotion Hosting:

For people who think they don’t need so many web hosting features, they might also try to use InMotion’s services.

It’s because InMotion Hosting’s basic standard features are also better than some providers of web hosting services.

InMotion would give a more reasonable price and some solid customer support to an accredited business office.

In terms of InMotion’s hosting packages, the quality is very good. Package prices are not very cheap or expensive, and customers could enjoy InMotion’s first free domain transfer or registration.

InMotion Hosting would provide some standard domain services such as registration and search.

But if people want to enjoy better domain privacy they would have to pay more money.


  1. Easy to Setup
  2. Simplified User Experience
  3. Easy Website Builder
  4. Extensive Maintenance and Security
  5. Website Builder Guide and Support


7.) SiteGround:

SiteGround is a popular shared hosting provider offering multiple hosting options to its users.

These include hosting WordPress, cloud hosting, and even servers that are dedicated.

The cPanel is part of a tabbed interface that also allows you to obtain and manage your account with technical and billing support.

Anyone who has previously used cPanel should have no trouble with it. CPanel is quite easy to use even without experience.

Coupled with innovative server technology, real-time tracking ensures minimal downtime.


  1. Nominal uptime
  2. Page load time stability is high
  3. Very good customer support
  4. Site migration can be done free of cost
  5. Free SSL on all plans


8.) A2 Hosting:

The renowned web hosting company, A2hosting, offers a range of possibilities for business and individuals alike.

While the needs of its clients may change, most of them expect A2hosting to do one thing and that is working time.

The company is proud to guarantee its service life in the range of 99.99 percent.

With a focus on what clients are already doing with their sites and a wide range of site creation and management tools, it is easier than ever to start.

Regardless of what tools you require, you can get your site off the ground and proceed in the right direction at a cost that is cheaper and more reliable than most.


  1. Fastest Performance
  2. 24×7 Customer Support
  3. Free Website Migrations
  4. Highly Compatible
  5. Provide all types of Web Hosting


9.) ResellerClub:

ResellerClub offers consumers of all sorts and expertise a one-stop-shop.

In addition to the shared and dedicated VPS options, the company includes cloud hosting, three different types of website builders.

They also offer WordPress managed hosting as well as email, safety, and backup add-ons.

Most hosting plans have an over average 99.99% uptime guarantee, and support via phone, chat or e-mail is provided 24/7.

Just select and customize the plan to make it perfect for you or your customers.


  1. Unlimited storage, bandwidth, and email
  2. Website migration free of cost
  3. Support for PHP, Ruby and lot more
  4. Provide all sorts of servers
  5. Provide High Performance


10.) Rackspace:

Rackspace focuses on managed dedicated cloud hosting and has established a reputation for its brand.

They are a leading expert in web hosting service provider.

Dedicated hosting is available for Linux and Windows platforms, both managed and colocated.

In business intelligence, customer relationships, databases, and more, Rackspace offers application-related services.


  1. 24/7 support
  2. 100% Uptime guarantee
  3. VPN Access
  4. Hardware monitoring
  5. Manageable firewall


11.) Hostinger:

Hosting should be on your shortlist if you are looking for easy-to-use and cost-friendly hosting of your website.

This Lithuanian company offers low-cost common shared hosting, cloud hosting, and VPS servers.

The company has developed its product range ever since then, enjoying the continued expansion.

It has been offering the “fastest web hosting” and a “world-class platform.”

It offers a number of plans, packages, and types of hosting. Some are better than some.


  1. Free domain names
  2. Protection against virus attack
  3. Provides SEO Toolkit
  4. Free SSL certificates
  5. Free website building services.


12.) IPage Hosting:

IPage has been a web service provider that provides users who wish to design webpage, develop a webpage and provide hosting services with a simple solution.

This company was launched in October 2009 and was inactive for years.

High-Quality supervision currently leads the new iPage and offers everything you need to start a website.

This includes web hosting, website administration, e-mail hosting, domain login, e-commerce services, website scripting, and web promotion.


  1. Low-cost web hosting service
  2. Exclusive Offers and Features
  3. Anytime Money Back Warranty
  4. Easy to setup
  5. 24×7 support


13.) Namecheap:

Namecheap is a well-established registrar offering reasonable prices for domain registration.

You can register your domain name with Namecheap at an affordable price.

The registration of a domain name is extremely straightforward and requires very little skill.

The domain is sufficiently protected and managed by the control panel.

Namecheap offers numerous other services, such as web hosting, email, and websites, as well as domains.

They also have a market to make the sale of your domain names easier for you.

However, one thing to know is that most of the time, registrars charge a higher price on the date of renewal for the domain name.


  1. Free Website Migration
  2. Provide free domain
  3. Guarantee money back
  4. 24×7 support
  5. Reliable and Secured


14.) DreamHost:

Over the years, this web hosting company has gained extensive popularity as a reliable web host in the hosting industry.

Their one-click installations are a favorite among many users as they facilitate one-click plug-in installation such as WordPress.

With a reasonably priced web hosting service and a satisfied customer base, potential customers need not be concerned about risking their investments.

However, before you sign up for their web hosting plan, it is advisable to have any queries or concerns addressed.

This would also help you to select a hosting package that fits your website best as well as your budget.


  1. Very easy to use and setup
  2. Have a lot of features expected by customers
  3. Reliable and Fast
  4. 24×7 support
  5. Supports all types of hostings at nominal costs


15.) HostWinds:

Peter Holden founded Hostwinds in October 2010 to provide low-cost web hosting solutions supported by superior service and support to small business operators.

Hostwinds have grown significantly over time. Tulsa, Oklahoma is the company that serves thousands of customers and its primary offices.

The data centers are located in Dallas, Texas, and Seattle. Hostwinds provides a range of hosting possibilities that can be selected from.

The company offers options for small businesses such as:

  • Business Hosting VPS hosting (both Windows and Linux-based)
  • Dedicated servers, in addition to shared hosting plans at the entrance level.


  1. Provides the free domain name
  2. Unmetered bandwidth
  3. Unlimited storage space
  4. Unlimited email accounts, subdomains, and MySQL databases
  5. The free dedicated IP address


15.) 1&1 Hosting:

If you are looking for a company with more than hosting services, 1&1 Ionos may be a good fit.

The company offers also come at competitive prices, and even common hosting plans were impressive, which typically is for advanced hosting options such as VPS schemes.

1&1 allocates each server performance levels. This enhances performance over low-level, cheaper plans at the higher (and expensive) level.


  1. FREE domain and SSL
  2. Daily backups and DDoS protection
  3. Drag-and-drop option for the site builder
  4. Easy to create an online store
  5. Wide variety of affordable packages



A right web hosting is a very essential factor in determining the online business success.

There are many web hosting companies are blooming every single day, but not all the companies are equal.

A good web hosting company is the one that offers quality service, good customer support, right technologies, etc.

Depending on your various business needs, you can select the right company and the right hosting for your website.

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