8 Reasons Why You Are Not Getting Any Website Traffic? 

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Updated on May 26, 2022


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Are you worried about why you are not getting any website traffic? Then, this article is for those who want to find the exact reason for less or no traffic.

Today every business needs a website to promote their business worldwide. A website without visitors is nothing but a dead asset.

We will discuss the different reasons behind why you are not getting any website traffic? This question is most popular among SEOs and asked several times in various forums.

Fortunately, there is no perfect answer to this question. But some analysis can help you find a solution. You feel that you have done everything right, but your website traffic is still stagnant.

It means that there is something wrong, and you need to tweak some parts of your website. The factors that influence website traffic are the domain age, domain authority, quality backlinks, and social media traffic.

Why You Are Not Getting Any Website Traffic

Publishing quality content plays a key role in increasing website traffic. Still, you think, what is the reason behind the poor website traffic? Even if you have incorporated these factors.

What you will read in this article is going to help you to understand the importance of traffic. And also, you will learn how to drive more traffic to your business website and handle them.

Let’s go into the topic further, don’t forget that the changes you may apply today will take a couple of months. You need to be patient before seeing any positive or negative results.

How Long Does It Take for a New Website to Get Traffic?

A nice question and I am so happy to answer it here. As said, every business needs a website to target a worldwide market and attract more audiences.

It helps them to increase their sales and brand reach. Launching a new website and getting traffic are two different things.

Many SEO persons are worried about driving more traffic to their website. One possible way is by ranking it in the top position on the search engines.

While there is no perfect answer to this question, there are so many variables to consider to drive some quick traffic. For example, you can share your business information on social media using perfect hashtags.

It will bring your quick social traffic and also send a signal to the search engines. Another way is to send email newsletters to your website subscribers.

This method can bring a direct source of traffic. Apart from this, start building links from other top websites from relevant niches.

It helps to increase the domain authority. Driving traffic will not happen overnight. But following the further activities as mentioned below in this article can bring a gradual increase in traffic.

Don’t worry about why you are not getting any website traffic? It is a possible and a bit time-taking process. The rate of growth depends on the level of impact of applying different strategies mentioned here in this article.

1. Your Content is Not Worth for the Readers

Write Content for Users

The content is always the king, and marketing is the queen. Maybe your blog post is the main reason why people are not interested to visit your blog.

Even if you are great at various marketing tactics, if your content sucks, traffic will be less.

So, you must put great attention towards writing long, informative, and quality article for your website. Believe it or not, search engines nowadays are very efficient in understanding good content.

Gone are the days you could trick search engines by stuffing keywords and creating mass backlinks. But these days, if your content is not good and your website is not of high quality, probably your ranking may go down.

You have to write content for two people. One for real humans and one for search engines. So, what forms good quality content?

How can I write irresistible content that makes your readers sit and read the entire article?

  1. Content that covers every nuke of information about the subject.
  2. Don’t forget the best On-Page SEO practices to optimize your blog content.
  3. Always write content for the audience and help them find a solution or an answer.
  4. Write an original piece of information. Make it unique describing the product or service.

Note: If your website is new or the content is fresh, give some time to let Google crawl and index the URLs. A newer website will take more time to rank if there are older websites that compete with your website.

2. You Don’t Have a Proper Keyword Research Strategy

It is a common mistake among the SEO people, and it forms the main reason why you are not getting any website traffic? There are two reasons behind the scenario;

1. You are targetting for high-volume keywords.

2. Your keyword-defining strategy is wrong.

Reaching the top position in organic search result pages is the dream of every SEO person. There are only ten positions available on the first page of the Google search engine.

You are not the only business website owner or blogger. There are already millions of competitors trying hard to push their websites.

So, there are a lot of factors that influence your organic ranking position, and keywords play a major role. Even if your content is the best, there’s no guarantee for higher rankings as search engines are unfair like that.

Usually, high authority websites like Amazon, Entrepreneur, Forbes, and Huffingtonpost gets top rank. If your target keyword has a high search volume, it’s better to find alternative long-tail keywords.

Generally, long-tail keywords have less competition and are ranked easily. For example, a Digital Marketing Company is the most popular keyword, and if you write an article around this keyword, it’s not possible to rank.

But, going for low competition, long-tail keywords like “digital marketing company in Coimbatore region” can increase your chances of faster ranking.

You have to put more effort and work very hard to build an authority website. It can take months to years to get a first-page position.

So whenever you create a blog post, make sure that the content is 10x better than your competitors.

3. Your SEO Performance is Poor (or) Not Doing Well

SEO is the process of optimizing a website to rank better in search engines. In simple terms, we can say writing content that solves the user’s problem and presenting it at the right time.

As we all know, organic traffic is the only free source of traffic available for the business. And Google is the only search engine known for its potential market.

Nowadays, SEO persons feel tired of getting their content within the top 10 results. Even if you write a long and engaging blog post optimized for keywords, getting ranked without SEO is a nightmare.

On-page SEO plays a vital role in optimizing every blog post of your website. It starts by optimizing your Meta Title, Meta Description, Image Alt Tags, and Site Speed.

So how do you know that your SEO is working and giving results? Go to the Google search engine and search for any query that you are targeting.

If Google presents your site in the first ten results, then your SEO is working fine. If not, you need to fire your SEO team or bring a major change in your SEO setup.

Raj Softech Solutions is a leading SEO company in Coimbatore helping brands to gain organic visibility. Our impeccable SEO services push your website to the first page of Google and bring more traffic to your website.

The better the SEO, the more people are likely to visit your website. One major advantage is that the organic traffic is highly targeted. You can convert most of the visitors into your regular buyers or customers.

4. Your Website Takes More than 3 Secs to Load

Increase Website Loading Speed

Page Speed is an important ranking metric in 2022. You feel that your content and keyword strategy are good, but why you are not getting any website traffic?

The reason is that your website is taking more time to load. Many studies state that a website that loads in less than 3 secs is likely to get more conversions.

The opposite is also true that people don’t like to wait for a long time for the website to load. Even though your website ranks well, you will observe a drop in traffic after the Google Core Web Vitals algorithm update.

If you are working hard enough to rank your website, apart from content, focus on improving your website speed.

No one wants to wait, or nobody has that much time to load a simple web page. How can I improve my website speed to get more traffic?

  1. Switch your website to a better web hosting company like Raj Softech Hosting Solutions.
  2. Optimize your website codes, and minify assets like HTML, CSS, and JS.
  3. Integrate CDN to deliver content from the nearest location.
  4. Enable page caching, server-level caching, and browser cache.

Buyers abandon slow-load landing pages. eCommerce sites experience close to 68% declines in their sales.

A slow-loading website can negatively impact your search engine rankings. People will not show interest to come back again to your website.

Another major reason why you are not getting any website traffic is the poor backlinks profile. When you check the top-ranked websites, they have a great backlink profile.

So what are backlinks? It is a hyperlink from an anchor text pointing to your website from other websites or blogs.

Adding links to external websites gives more content value, and the readers may engage more. It’s a two-way benefit where both the sites receive a good ranking signal score.

The SEO person behind these websites watches every backlink carefully from high-authority websites. You can build two types of backlinks; no-follow and do-follow.

A perfect combination of both link profiles can get your website to the top organic position. If you want to increase your website traffic and drive more visitors start building links today.

Just publishing high-quality content is not enough to rank a website. You have to follow various promotional strategies like guest posting, blog commenting, and other link-building activities.

Be careful in building outbound links to your website. Because Google is following strict guidelines in evaluating the backlinks to every website.

Each link should be relevant and from a high-authority source. Editorial backlinks add more value than the links from the comment section or header, footer, or sidebar section. So try to get links inside the article from the other blogs.

6. Your Promotional and Marketing Activities are Poor

In the above section of this article, I have mentioned; that the content is king and marketing is queen. Yes, if you have published a high-quality blog post but fail to promote it, no one knows your blog exists.

Ultimately, there will be no traffic flow ends in zero ranking. Even search engines will not index your web pages for some time till it gains traction.

Publishing content is not enough to rank a website and drive traffic to the web pages. A proper marketing strategy should be in place to put your content in front of millions of eyes.

So what to do after publishing a blog post?

  1. Leverage social media to drive more traffic to your website by spreading the word about your new blog post.
  2. Subscribers are the real goldmine for every business. Send a weekly newsletter to your subscribers and keep them engaged.
  3. You can re-purpose your website content and publish it on other platforms like medium, quora, Huffington post, etc.
  4. Nowadays, influencer marketing is becoming a talk show. Micro-influencers can help to promote your brand.

It is necessary to let people know about your business and the wonderful content on your website.

The key is finding your target audience and present with the right information. Fix the common digital marketing problems to drive more traffic at your initial stages of ranking a website.

7. Your Website’s User Experience is Terrible

Improve Website UX

So now you have quality content, on-page SEO, and backlinks, and also ranked well in search engines. But you observe a high fluctuation in your website traffic, and it is not consistent.

It is an alarm triggering your attention to focus on your website’s user experience (UX). If your website is not user-friendly, people exit more quickly.

The bounce rate will increase tremendously. No matter how great your content is, if you fail to provide a smooth user experience, then people will not visit your site.

How to Improve my Website User Experience?

  1. Follow a thumb rule of the keep-it-simply-stupid method of developing web page templates.
  2. Develop clean and easy-to-navigate web pages. Place appropriate call-to-action and other links in the right places.
  3. Present your website looks like an authoritative source of information. Finding important links should be a breeze.
  4. Create a clean structure and follow a definitive hierarchy of web pages for quick navigation between pages.

Another important thing is optimizing web pages for mobile is a blunder mistake. More than 74% of users are using smart devices to access websites.

Especially, smartphones play a vital role in the process. So don’t forget to develop a responsive website optimized for various devices. Improving your website loading speed is also important for a good user experience.

8. Last, but not lead, E-A-T (Expert, Authoritative, Trustworthy)?

It is a hidden ranking signal that may also be a reason why you are not getting website traffic? Google search engines use a defined strategy to test a website based on the three metrics.

It is who is writing the content, the content itself, and the whole website. Google wants to show only authoritative results to its users when they search for something.

Hence, if you can show your expertise, chances are more to get a higher ranking position. Here are the important E-A-T qualities that every website must have;

  1. Website structure should be logical and easy to find.
  2. The website has an ‘About Page’ describing the author.
  3. A ‘contact page’ to allow users to connect with the website owner.
  4. Does your website have legal pages like privacy policy, disclaimer, and terms of service?
  5. Who is the content author? Does he is an influencer or an expert in his/her field?
  6. Does your business develop any reputation among the audience? Like Google business reviews, social reviews, Better Business Bureau rating, recognition, awards, etc.
  7. Is the content relevant to the business? Can the readers gain real knowledge?

Google emphasizes E-A-T as a strong ranking signal. It is a must thing to look after increasing website traffic.

Not only that, it will get you a higher organic position and improve the overall user experience. Finally, develop the website for the users to attract more visitors and get more sales.

Want More Website Traffic?

A website is nothing but a dead asset without any traffic. If you are running a business, sales are more important. And to increase sales, driving traffic is essential.

If you want to increase your website traffic, then work on these simple things to get a solution. It’s important to note that the above changes take time to reflect the ranking and traffic.

Sometimes, it may take months or even many years. Driving a large volume of traffic is not an overnight process. It requires more effort and dedication.

There are four different traffic sources such as organic, direct, social, and referral. But every website owner’s target is to reach a top-organic position and drive search engine traffic.

There are millions of people hunting for information at the same time as you read this article. The worst fact is that none of them know your existence, and this means that you are not bringing the traffic.

Let’s think about why you are not getting any website traffic and take a wise decision.

If you are not sure where to start or are confused about how to start, contact RAJ SOFTECH SOLUTIONS digital marketing team. Our experts are ready to work on your website and show real traffic improvements.


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